Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty

Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty

Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty


Whether you plan months in advance for the perfect Halloween look or you quickly throw something together at the last minute, we have you covered! Here are some simple Halloween makeup ideas with Maskcara Beauty that you can add to your costume to give it that extra pizzazz that you need!


Products You Need

You know those cheap Halloween packs of makeup that you grab at the store to whip up a Halloween look? Well, we have something better for you. Maskcara makeup is much much better because you can use these products now and later! Really, you can use any Maskcara products to get a hot Halloween look. But here are our favorites! These are must have makeup products that will help you get a fun look:


Moonlit Highlight: This is the best highlight that you can use to create any lighter look you need. Use it all over, or just to create small dots or stripes or whatever you need.

Scarlet Lip & Cheek: Red. Need we say more?? This is so great for lips, cheeks, blood…you get the gist.

Indigo Contour: This will give you the perfect dramatic contour your costume needs. Or you can line your lips with it, your brows, or add any other dark lines to your face.

Cola Contour: Oh boy…this is the perfect, and we mean perfect color for your Halloween look! Cola is perfect for eyeliner, spots, lines, stripes, brows, freckles…the sky’s the limit!

Glow Illuminator: This illuminator will give you the perfect golden shimmer that screams Halloween. Wear it anywhere on your face to give you a pretty glow, on your eyelids, or your lips.

Bare Lip & Cheek: Nude is a great way to give drama in a different way. This is such a pretty color that works well on your eyelids, lips, or cheeks.



Looks You Can Create

The options are endless when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. Whether you’re a makeup pro or a novice, we’re sure you can use one of these ideas to create your own look. Simply pick a look you like and experiment! Maskcara cream foundations are forgivable and blendable. Did you mess up? No worries! Just wipe off and start again.

Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty

Where to Buy

If we have you convinced that this is the best makeup for Halloween…then all you have to do is click HERE to shop! Browse and pick what you want to get the perfect Halloween look. The best thing about it is that you can still use the makeup after Halloween. No need toss your makeup, put it to good use for months to come!


Now that you have the Halloween look mastered, learn how to HAC HERE!

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Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty
Halloween Makeup Ideas with Maskcara Beauty