How to Cover Up Dark Circles

How to Cover Up Dark Circles at

How to Cover Up Dark Circles

Chances are, you have dark circles under your eyes! Whether it’s from raising littles, lack of sleep, stress, diet, or heredity, so many women have dark circles under their eyes. And that’s ok. You are still beautiful! But, if you want to learn how to minimize those spots, I can teach you how to cover up dark circles so you will have more confidence and love that reflection staring back at you.

The Art of Color Correcting

Let’s take it back to your middle school art class. Do you remember the color wheel?? You have your circle of colors and the colors that are opposite each other on that wheel are called complementary colors. If you have purple circles under your eyes, then yellow will help cancel out those spots. If you have blue circles under your eyes, then orange will cancel out those areas. If you have brown circles under your eyes, then pink will help cancel those pesky spots.

Products You’ll Need

So, now that you kind of understand how to cancel out the colors of your dark circles, you’ll need a few things. If you have purple circles, you’ll need a yellow highlight. Sunlit is perfect for this because it has a yellowy undertone. If you have blue cirlces, you will need an orange highlight. Frenchie or Mango are great for this. If you have brown under your eyes, then pink will help you. Petal is great for this. You can either use your finger to apply the highlight or the Multitasker Brush is perfect for this.

How to Cover Up Dark Circles at

Other Tips to Minimize Those Circles

Not only can you cover up those dark circles, you can do a few things to try to prevent them. Here are a few ways you can take better care of yourself so you’ll have happier skin:

  • Drink lots of water- Staying hydrated will keep your skin extra happy! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day so you can flush those toxins out of your body and stay hydrated.
  • Get plenty of rest- Getting good sleep will do wonders for your skin! Take good care of yourself and rest!
  • Eat healthy- Make sure to eat lots of fruit and vegetables so you feed your body vitamins and minerals. Cut back on sugars and sweets. A good diet will give you good skin.
  • Massage your eye area- Take your index fingers and gently massage a circle around your eye area. This will increase the blood flow in that area.
  • Apply almond oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, or coconut oil around your eye area- Keeping your eye area moisturized and nourished will keep it nice and healthy.
How to Cover Up Dark Circles at

Don’t let the dark circles under your eyes scare you anymore! With just a couple of products and a little TLC, you will be looking and feeling extra good!

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How to Cover Up Dark Circles at

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