Seint Makeup Reviews

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I get so many compliments on my makeup. I was an Estee Lauder then It Cosmetics girl for YEARS but this stuff raises the bar!!!

Needed decades ago! Busy family, career…this makeup system would have saved so much time! Best brushes, product, reels and videos ever! Grateful for meeting you.


Let me tell you how much I’m enjoying it!! It’s so natural looking, feels amazing, and when I get home from work after teaching 50 5th graders, I’m EXHAUSTED, but I don’t look it! My makeup is just as fresh


I’m so glad that I did this with you. You made the process super easy for me and I love my new makeup! I’ve always used cheap powder makeup and the difference with Seint cream products is truly Amazing! I am a novice in applying makeup properly but after watching your tutorials I have this down in less than 5 minutes.


Just received mine and I love it! I’m a professional MUA and have used every line of makeup out there. You color matched me perfectly! I love the Hollywood and Pink Grapefruit for blush, looks just like Nars Orgasm! The contour shade is perfect and I haven’t been able to find it in cream in any brand! I’m in love with how little and how easy this makeup goes on. Plus I love gluten free products


Makeup application used to be very time consuming and messy! With your tutorials and custom color palettes I can be ready for a video appointment in less than 10 minutes! No fuss, no muss, no mess! Thank you!


Hey JoEllen! I love the products! I ordered and the color match was perfect! I’m excited to order more! Thanks so much for your help! 


I have had so many people compliment me, and I totally notice how smooth and flawless my face looks.


Thank you! I was so excited to order, but very overwhelmed with where to even start! You made the experience so easy and enjoyable!!


I love the products so much! Your shade matching was perfect! Thank you again! Honestly, it kinda feels like magic. Great coverage, you matched me perfectly, and even though I’m still learning…the product itself is absolutely fabulous. Now if I can figure out how to rehab my eyebrows, I might stand a real chance. They haven’t recovered from the great exodus of 1998-2002. Bahahahaha