Seint Makeup

Seint is my absolute favorite makeup brand! Their one compact makeup system saves space, time, and money! I wear all their makeup daily, but I especially can’t live with their cream contour and Detail Brush!

Wilding Beauty

Have you ever heard of Gua Sha?? It’s an ancient and traditional Chinese skincare practice that helps circulate blood flow, reduce puffiness and fine lines, and sculpts the face. I use the Empress Stone every morning and the Lumin Cupping Set is great too! (Save 10% with this discount code: JOELLEN10)


My menstrual cycle used to be all over the place….until I started using Mixhers HerTime! Now it’s regular! I drink HerTime and HerMulti daily to maintain good hormone health and a happy immune system. And my kids love the MixKids too! It’s a yummy drink that helps keep them healthy! (Save 15% with this discount code: JoEllenW15)

Shop the Look

If you need outfit inspiration or have wondered where I bought something I was wearing, shop my LTK page! 


If I could only wear clothes from one brand, Quince would be it! They make luxury products for a fraction of the cost! I have shelves of their affordable cashmere sweaters in my closet. I love their denim and leather jackets, their skirts and dresses, loungewear, and workout clothes. They even have amazing jewelry and leather bags! You can’t go wrong! 


I love supporting brands that have a great mission! ABLE’s brand helps create better opportunities for women. They provide living wages and safe working conditions for the people making their pieces. And their pieces are all high quality and stylish! The best thing about ABLE….they have a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE on their products! My very favorite ABLE pieces are the Merly denim jacket and Maha leather jacket. I wear them all the time!  


If you see me around town, you will ALWAYS see me with a Sapahn purse. These purses are amazing! They are handmade in Thailand, come in tons of styles and colors, and are ethically and sustainably made. I have an embarrassing amount of their purses because they are that good! The Sarah Ann is one of my faves because it is so versatile! It can be worn as a crossbody bag, clutch, belt bag, or shoulder bag. (Save 20% with this discount code: JOELLEN20)

Sarah Flint

Shoes are a great way to elevate your look. My style motto is quality over quantity! Invest in good shoes that are well made, versatile, and comfortable. Sarah Flint shoes check all those boxes! They are handmade in Italy, have extra padding and toe box room for comfort, and are made from leather so they last. They’re worth the investment! (Save 15% with this discount code: SARAHFLINT-CCJOELLEN1) 


This is by far my favorite skincare brand! I’ve been on the hunt for years for skincare products that are natural and anti-aging. Their products are waterless, meaning that instead of using water as the main ingredient like most skincare brands, the majority of the product is made of olive tree leaf elixir. The remaining ingredients contain unrefined oils and active ingredients. The ingredients are superb and the results are amazing!

The Daily Essential Co

This skincare line is simple and all natural. Their products are healing and soothing. It’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner to skincare. (Save 10% with this discount code: TDEJOELLEN)

Dime Beauty

This is another great skincare line! It’s clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. My favorite products that I use daily are: Wonderscreen, Luminosity Eye Serum, and the Lovely Sweet Dreams Perfume! But you can’t go wrong with any of their products… (Save 20% with this discount code: JOELLEN)