10 Gifts for the Minimalist Gal

It can be hard buying gifts for the minimalist in your life! Some may think a minimalist doesn’t like anything, but that’s not true! A minimalist likes to use things that are versatile and multipurpose. A minimalist doesn’t like clutter but likes things that are meaningful and purposeful. Good quality things that are useful, closet work horses, and staples in their homes. So here are 10 gifts for the minimalist gal in your life that will make her life easier, more stylish, and purposeful.

10 Gifts for the Minimalist Gal at iamjoellen.com

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Shopping and thinking of gifts for the minimalist can be tricky! Here are a few ideas that she just might love:

1.Maskcara Makeup Brushes– These brushes are double ended and such great quality! They are multipurpose, very well made, and make the beauty routine a breeze. These are a must for any beauty minimalist!

2. White Adidas– Every minimalist woman needs a classic pair of white shoes. They can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn all year round. Win win!

3. Blow Dryer– Every woman needs a good blow dryer. Make sure to get her one that is great quality, compact, and will last for years to come.

4. Wooden Cutting Board– Does your gal love to be in the kitchen? Then she will love a classic wooden cutting board. Not only is it functional, but it’s pretty and can left on her countertop as a decorating piece.

5. Leather Earrings– A good pair of leather earrings can dress up any outfit. They don’t take up much space, they can be worn in so many different ways, and they are stylish. Yes yes yes!

6. Silk Scarf– A pretty silk scarf can help dress up any outfit! It can be worn a few different ways around the neck, different ways in her hair, or around her wrist. It is such a great versatile fashion piece that she will love.

7. Jean Jacket– Just like the leather jacket, you can’t go wrong! A jean jacket is such a great closet work horse! You can dress it up or down and it can be worn all year round.

8. Black Leather Jacket– You cannot go wrong with a good black leather jacket! This will be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come! Not only is it a closet staple, but it is stylish, warm, and comfy. This is such a great fashionable gift for your minimalist gal.

9. Tres Leches Skin Care System– A top notch skin care system will be much appreciated by your gal! She has to wash her face every day anyway, why not make the bottles pretty and the quality superb. She will feel pampered!

10. Vitamix– This is the ultimate kitchen work horse! It can chop, blend, puree, and liquify to perfection. It is am investment that will change her life in the kitchen! She’ll be eating healthier, saving time on food prep, and saving space in her kitchen by only needing one appliance to do all the things. She will give you a big smooch for this gift!! These gifts for your minimalist gal will surely bring a smile to her face! They will make her life easier, trendier, and more comfortable. She will love them!! Remember, think of gifts that are purposeful and versatile when picking out her gift and she will be a happy camper.

10 Gifts for the Minimalist Gal at iamjoellen.com
10 Gifts for the Minimalist Gal at iamjoellen.com

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