Beginner Halloween Makeup

Beginner Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a fun time to use your creativity and dress up! But sometimes we don’t have the best skill, right?! Have no fear! Here are some beginner Halloween makeup ideas that you can recreate. They’re super easy and quick!

What You Need for an Easy Halloween Makeup Look

Having the right products is key to creating a simple Halloween look. These makeup colors and tools will get the job done!

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Nude Lip & Cheek: a good nude color is great for any Halloween makeup look! You can use it as blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow.

Multitasker Makeup Brush: this brush is the easiest way to apply fine lines and details!

Black Eyeliner: eyeliner is a great way to bring drama to the eyes. This cream eyeliner is really easy to work with!

Cola Contour: this is the perfect color to add dark lines to your face for a fun Halloween look.

Contour: contour is the best way to add depth, dimension, and shape to your face. It’s perfect for every day and especially for Halloween!

Glow Illuminator: this illuminator is perfect for getting a pretty Halloween glow!

Red: every makeup kit needs a good red! This is a super pigmented cream makeup that is easy to work with. It works well as blush or lipstick or anything else!

White: this light cream makeup is great for adding white to your face.

Eyeshadows for Halloween

Eyeshadows are a great way to get a pretty Halloween makeup look! To get a more pigmented appearance, use setting spray on the brush and then tap into the powder eyeshadow. Press and dab the color where you want it. These colors are fun and bold and perfect for Halloween! They work great on the eyes or anywhere else on the face where you want color and drama.

Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Whether you are an adult dressing up or are helping your children dress up, here are some simple Halloween makeup ideas that you can use as inspiration to recreate a fun Halloween look!

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas
Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas
Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas
Halloween Makeup

Undead Glam Look

Halloween Makeup

Phoenix Look

With the right makeup and tools, you can create these beginner Halloween makeup looks too! Have a great Halloween and have fun using your creativity with your costume!

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Beginner Halloween Makeup

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