3 Easy Ways to Define Your Brows

So many women (so many!) forget a crucial step in their daily beauty routine. They forget to define their brows!! Defining your brows tops your look off, it frames your face, and it adds dimension to your brows. It can really make or break your look. But, don’t let defining your brows intimidate or overwhelm you. It is a really simple step to add onto your beauty routine. Here are 3 easy ways to define your brows so you can look your best!

Before you get to defining your brows, it’s really important that you first have a great shape to work with. So, invest in getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded by a professional so you can start off with a pretty brow that will complement your face.  

Brow Pencil

First option, you can purchase a brow pencil to help you with those brows. Simply find a brow pencil that will match your hair color the best. Then, all you have to do is take that pencil and follow the shape of your brow. Work in small movements to mimic the growth of hair. It is really easy and you can do it in just a few minutes….seconds if you practice!    

Eyeshadow & Brow Brush    

Second option, you can use a brown eyeshadow color and a brow brush. This option does take a little more practice, but is still so easy! Simply dip your brush into your eyeshadow color and work in small movements to fill in your brows. Start with a little and add more as needed. This is my personal favorite way. These are the best brow brushes to use:

Hotline Brush

These are the best eyeshadow colors for brows:







The Best Eyeshadows to Define Your Brows

Brow Stencil

Third option (and the easiest!), you can buy the Fab Brows kit that has a stencil, brush, and color in it to help you get the perfect look. You can choose which stencil best fits your brow style and place it on your brow. Then you take the brush and dip it into the color and swipe it on the open portion of the stencil. You remove the stencil and you have perfect brows. It’s really that easy!! Defining your brows does not have to be hard. It does not have to be complicated. Choose one of these three steps and you will have extra beautiful brows in no time!

3 Easy Ways to Define Your Brows at iamjoellen.com

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3 Easy Ways to Define Your Brows at iamjoellen.com

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