3 Makeup Tips for Zoom

A lot of us are behind the camera for online meetings these days. Whether it’s for work, school, or other meetings, we’re in a different stage of life! Let’s embrace it! Here are 3 makeup tips for Zoom so you show up to your meetings looking and feeling your best!

3 Makeup Tips for Zoom

These makeup tips for Zoom don’t only apply for online meetings, but also for everyday too! Incorporate any of these tips into your daily makeup routine and you will stand out! When you’re on camera, whether that’s in picture or video, it’s always best to wear more makeup. Being on camera has a way that flattens you and washes you out, so you want to add more to your normal makeup routine to get the best results. You can read more about makeup for family pictures HERE to learn more strategies to help you look your best on film.


This is my absolute favorite step on my makeup process!! Everyone should do incorporate it into their daily makeup routine, but everyone should ABSOULTELY incorporate it on those days when you’ll be on Zoom!

Contouring your face helps give you shape and dimension to your face. It brings out your cheekbones and feminine features. I have a post HERE sharing the easy step-by-step process of contouring. Throw away the notion that contouring is only for the actresses, models, or makeup artists…it’s for the everyday woman! As soon as you see how easy it is and how beautiful you look, you won’t want to go back to your old makeup routine!

Say goodbye to a flat face and embrace a full that is contoured with shadow and dimension. You will notice a huge difference on your Zoom meetings.

You can find my very favorite contours HERE.


Blush sounds intimidating. Blush sounds like something only grandmas wear. But you’re wrong! Wearing blush the right way will help bring color and a pretty flush to your face! When we put foundation on our face, we’re getting rid of the natural shadows and flush on our face so contour and blush help bring back that beauty! I have a video all about how to apply blush properly HERE. Trust me, it will change your mind!!

You can find my very favorite cream blushes HERE. And a bonus is that they double as blush and lipstick…win win!!

3 Makeup Tips for Zoom


Adding some color to your lips makes a big difference! Whether you want to go for a natural look or bold look, having color on your lips will help you stand out! Don’t let the lighting and technology of Zoom wash you out. Add some lip color to help make you look more alive!

You can find my favorite lip colors HERE.

Try those simple makeup tips for Zoom out and let me know what you think! They’re easy steps to take your makeup look up a notch so you look and feel your best! Show up to your Zoom meetings with confidence….you’ve got this girl!

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3 Makeup Tips for Zoom

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