3 Minute Highlight and Contour

When you hear the words highlighting and contouring, do you brush that beauty technique aside? Do you think it’s only for runway models, actresses, or women who have 2 hours a day to get ready? Well, it’s not!! Highlighting and contouring is for the everyday woman too! I’ll show you how to do a 3 minute highlight and contour so you can easily do it in your home too…

What You Need

Before you learn how to highlight and contour, you must have the right tools to do it properly. You will need:

Highlight (to get your custom highlight to match your skin, I would be happy to help! Simply send me a selfie of your beautiful face. Find a window with natural lighting, face it, take a few steps back, snap a picture of your makeup-free face and send it to me HERE.)

Contour Brush (the best brushes for highlighting & contouring care: the Buffy Brush, the 30 Second HAC Brush, or the Detail HAC Brush)


3 Minute Highlight and Contour at iamjoellen.com

How to Do It

Once you have the right products and tools, you can learn how to highlight and contour so easily! Take your highlight foundation and your brush and apply it on the areas of your face that need evening out. Start on your jaw area, chin, nose, under your eyes, and on your forehead. If you want to use a second brightening highlight color, then you can use that lighter shade under your eyes. Then take your custom contour color and the other side of your brush and apply it right below your cheekbones, under your jaw, and right along your hairline on your forehead Next, take your damp sponge and blend out the color. It will give your face a flawless finish and help blend those lines and extra product.

3 Minute Highlight and Contour at iamjoellen.com


And that’s it! Seriously, it’s that fast and easy. Boom. Now you don’t have to believe that highlighting and contouring is just for the runway models and actresses. It’s for you too, girl!
3 Minute Highlight and Contour at iamjoellen.com

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