3 Simple Ways to Bond as a Family

We live in a world that is pulling family in every direction. Something that should be the most important thing in the world is becoming a burden and low on the totem pole of commitments. Work and hobbies and other responsibilities are trumping the importance of family. But family is the most important part in a society. With a strong family unit, communities thrive. Families should be filled with love and understanding, a place where values and morals are taught and practiced. Because family is so important, we should give it our most attention. But sometimes it can be overwhelming when we know we should be doing something better and we don’t know where to start. Whether you want to start doing better or strengthen what you’re already doing, here are 3 simple ways to bond as a family.
Eat Dinner as a Family
I grew up in a family that ate dinner together as a family every night. Sure, there were times when not all of us were home to eat or sometimes our dinners were quick, but for the most part, we ate dinner together every night. Because of that great habit that my parents instilled in us as children, I continue that with my family today. And it is my absolute favorite time of the day! We all get to gather around the table and eat a prepared meal and relax and chat about our day. Sometimes we linger and talk longer, sometimes we’re rushed to get to church activities or other commitments. But we make it a priority to always have dinner together. And it makes such a difference in our family.
Because we always have dinner together and we’re all in the same place at the same time, we take a few extra minutes to read scriptures together as a family too.

Play Together
It is so important to be more than just business all the time. Sure a family needs structure and chores to run smoothly. But it is also crucial to have fun together. Moving to New Zealand has definitely helped us with this as we have removed ourselves from the busyness of life. We choose to make recreation a priority. We schedule it in. Whether it’s a hike, a walk on the beach, playing a board game, driving somewhere new, a game of soccer at the park, playing indoor hide and go seek, or traveling, nothing bonds you more than laughing and having fun together! Our kids need to see us let loose. They need us to show them that they matter and that we want to be with them. Try a new hobby together. Explore somewhere new. Do something, anything fun! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Create Traditions
Having family traditions is key to gluing you together as a unit. Usually when you hear the word tradition, you think of holidays. And you can definitely have family holiday traditions…we have plenty of those! But you can also have other traditions. For instance, we have made the commitment to make every Friday evening, Family Pizza & Movie Night. And we all love it! We know that it is the one night of the week that we are all together. One night where we can stop and force ourselves to relax. It’s also nice that I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner…it’s always pizza =) We also have Sunday afternoon walks along our beach. You could have Mommy or Daddy date nights with your kids. There are lots of options: family prayer, family scripture study, family secret handshake, bedtime stories, service days…anything that is a regular occurrence that you do together as a family. Stop and think about what kind of traditions you can create in your family.
By eating together as a family, playing together, and creating traditions, you are bound to bond as a family and grow stronger relationships. Family is so important. Try to make it a priority and have fun while doing it!