5 Essential Skin Care Steps

I am an aesthetician so skin care is really important to me! Making sure my skin is healthy is a top priority and not very hard to do. We all want beautiful skin! Some of us have acne prone skin, some have dry, oily, or textured. No matter what type of skin you were blessed with, we all need to take good care of it! When I follow these 5 essential skin care steps, I feel more beautiful and my skin glows.

Step 1- Cleanse
It is so important to cleanse your skin daily! It’s ideal to cleanse morning & night, but it is essential to cleanse your skin at night. Ever since I went to skin care school, a night has not gone by that I haven’t cleansed my face….for real!! Think about how much dirt, grim, dust, sweat, and makeup that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day. You do not want to go to bed with that gunk settling in even more! Wash your face so you can have a nice clean face and your skin can renew itself while you sleep.
Maskcara has perfect Makeup Remover Wipesthat make cleansing a breeze!

Step 2- Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin helps slough off the dead skin cells, remove product buildup, increases your blood circulation, and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. It is not necessary to exfoliate your face everyday day, in fact it can irritate it if you do. But simply exfoliate once to a few times a week to ensure that your skin is nice and smooth and healthy.
I personally like to use a simple homemade recipe of coconut oil & baking soda. It makes a great exfoliant that everyone already has in their cupboard.
Step 3- Tone
Say what?! What is the purpose of toner? This is a very underrated step in the skin care process and one that needs to make its way into your life! Toning can act as a second cleaning process. By taking a cotton pad and your toner, you wipe your face to get the excess dirt & makeup off. It also helps minimize your pore size and balances your skin’s natural pH level.
I like to use good ol’ apple cider vinegar (with the mother). Some toners have alcohol in them and this can be really drying for your skin. Whether you use a homemade recipe, something from your cupboard, or a toner from the drugstore make sure to tone your face once a day (I do it at night).
Step 4- Moisturize
Just like your body needs water to drink, your skin needs moisturizer to stay hydrated. Your skin is thirsty and needs to have that extra moisture to thrive. Make sure to moisturize your face in your daily routine, whether once or twice a day. A common misconception is that women who have oily skin don’t need to moisturize…wrong! Oily skin is still thirsty. You just may need to moisturize once a day instead of twice.
Maskcara Milk is an excellent moisturizer! I especially love it under my eyes. I also love to use pure coconut oil. I lather it on my face at night and let my skin hydrate while I’m sleeping. Either options are great!

Step 5- Spot Treatment
All of us are cursed with pesky pimples at some time in our life. The important thing is learning how to treat them. Sometimes it’s best to leave them alone, but if you must squeeze them, then make sure to gently use your two pointer fingers wrapped in tissue to avoid getting oil, dirt, or bacteria into the exposed area. Once you’re done, use a benzoyl peroxide ointment or some other acne treatment cream to spot treat the area.
I like to use an essential oil blend for those blemishes.
These are my 5 essential skin care steps that I use and think you should too! Nobody’s skin is perfectly flawless, but if you take good care of your skin then it will glow! Love the skin you’re in!

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