5 Minute Makeup

5 Minute Makeup

Do you feel like you are always in a rush? Maybe you like to sleep in, and your mornings are a bit hectic. Maybe you have kids that need your attention, and you don’t have time for yourself. Maybe you’re a busy student that has lots to do. Maybe you’re a working woman that is juggling all the things. Whatever your life looks like, you need this 5 minute makeup in your life! It is quick and easy to apply and helps you look extra beautiful!

The Best Makeup for Busy Women

A 5 minute makeup routine sounds too good to be true, right?! Can you truly do your makeup in 5 minutes and look great? Yes, yes you can!

With this simple custom compact you can quickly apply your makeup in minutes!

Everything you need (minus mascara) fits into one compact. One compact can include: foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, blush, illuminator, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brows. Truly!

Because everything is in one place, you save time rummaging through your makeup bag looking for the product you need. Everything is at your fingertips! You can do your makeup in your bathroom, in the car, on the train, plane, school, or work. One compact, a brush or two, and that is it. 5 minutes.

Simplified Makeup Routine

How to Apply the Makeup

This 5 minute makeup system is a bit different than you may be used to. It’s cream makeup known as iiid foundation. Each color is foundation. You apply it in one layer, like paint by numbers, and you blend! Watch this tutorial for the break down:

Where to Buy 5 Minute Makeup?

This makeup is only available online. You can browse the makeup online store and add whatever tickles your fancy to your cart. There are a few ways to shop and pick your makeup:

  • Shop on your own and build your own palette- If you like doing things your own way, then you can visit the “palette builder” section of the online store and pick and choose what you want to add to your custom palette. You can refer to the Color Match Guide to help you know what colors will work best for you.
  • Shop the collections- If you like easy, then you will love the collections options! Simply visit the collections page and choose which palette size works best for your needs and budget. Then click on “Find Your Shades” and browse through the pictures and find which skin coloring looks most similar to yours. Easy peasy!
  • Get quick general help with the Color Match Quiz- If you want a little guidance, then take the quick Color Match Quiz to get a ball park of what colors will look great on you.
  • Get personal help with the Color Match Survey- If you want complete help from a makeup artist, then take the Color Match Survey to work one on one with me. I will give you guidance to the right colors for you to wear!

It doesn’t matter if you are a makeup lover or makeup minimalist. You can build a compact that suits your needs and lifestyle. The important thing is that it is quick and easy and can literally be done in minutes! Here’s to simplifying your makeup routine and still look your best!

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5 Minute Makeup

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