6 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are so much fun! They’re sassy, they’re classy, they’re spunky, they’re spicy! But sometimes it can be hard to think outside the box when you’re rocking a short hairstyle. Here are 6 ways to style a pixie cut that are so easy to do!

Products You Need

First things first, you’ll need just a few things to help style your pixie cut.

1. Bobby Pins– These are essential for pinning your hair back and holding it in place.

2. Small Rubber Bands– These little dudes are perfect for tying back a small amount of hair and then using bobby pins to hold up the chunks.

3. Hair Pick– This is perfect for making a straight part and getting your hair just right.

4. Hair Gel– This will help you style your hair if you’re doing a deep part or want to add texture to your style.

5. Hairspray– This is a must if you want to keep that hard work in place!

6 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut at iamjoellen.com

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Different Ways to Style

1. Bangs Back- All you need for this simple style are 2 bobby pins. Gather your bangs and hold them back with a bobby pin on each side. Then spray your hair to give it a good hold.

2. Deep Part- Sometimes all you need to do is just part your hair with more drama! Take your hair pick and part your hair further to the side than you normally do. Use some gel to give it some texture.

3. Middle Part- Take your pick and part your hair more down the middle. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is but how different your hair looks!

4. Side Twist- All you need for this fun look is a rubber band and a bobby pin. Take your bangs and roll them into a twist. Then place a small rubber band at the end and use a bobby pin to secure it. Then top it off with some hair spray!

5. Normal Part- Wear your hair like you normally do! But use gel and/or hairspray to hold it in place so it looks great all day.

6. Side Braid- Take your bangs and make a simple loose braid. Tie it off with a small rubber band and secure it with a bobby pin or two. Then top it off with hairspray!

6 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut at iamjoellen.com

So the next time you think your pixie cut is boring, think again! It is a sassy and fun hairstyle that you are rocking like a pro! Try to spice things up a bit and try out some of these suggestions. Good luck!

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6 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut at iamjoellen.com

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