All About Maskcara Compacts

All About Maskcara Compacts

All About Maskcara Compacts


Yes, Maskcara makeup in and of itself is awesome. But we’re pretty much in love with the Maskcara compacts too! What’s so great about them? Why are they different from other makeup compacts? What sizes do they come in? Well….we’ll tell you all about Maskcara compacts!


Maskcara Compacts are Magnetic

Have you ever purchased a makeup palette with a whole bunch of colors in it? And then you only end up using a portion of the colors because some just aren’t your fave? Us too!! The awesome thing about Maskcara compacts is that they’re magnetic! You can mix and match your foundation singles and eyeshadow singles and powder singles to your heart’s content. The tins fit nicely into the compact and you can move them around and replace as needed. It’s awesome! Gone are the days where you end up wasting product you don’t like.


Maskcara Compacts are Customizable

These compacts are customizable. You can put any kind of combination into your compact as you feel like. Do you want just your eyeshadows to go in it? Go for it. Just your foundation singles? Go right ahead. You get to choose what your compact holds and how it looks on the inside. Sweet.


Maskcara Compacts Come in Different Sizes

These compacts come in different sizes! There are the square compacts, quad compact, HAC Stack compact, mini double decker compact, and double decker compact. They can hold from 2-18 foundation singles or 4-36 eyeshadow singles.

All About Maskcara Compacts

Maskcara Compacts Have Different Styles

Not only are there different sizes, but there are different styles! Currently, you can choose between the classic Fleur de sel, Sea Glass, La Jolla, Santorini, Sel De Mer, Marble, Celestial, Imperial, Iridescent, Icefall, Saltair, and Ascent. They’re all beautiful…you can’t go wrong!

All About Maskcara Compacts

All About Maskcara Compacts

Maskcara Compacts are Free!

Say what?? You read that right! When you purchase the following amount of singles, you get a free compact!

All About Maskcara Compacts

4 eyeshadows- FREE Square Compact

4 foundation singles- FREE Quad Compact

8 singles- FREE HAC Stack

10 singles- FREE Mini Double Decker Compact

16 singles- FREE Double Decker Compact


The best thing about these compacts are that they are compact…literally! You can fit all of your makeup into one compact and call it good! Gone are the days of rummaging through your makeup bag for the right colors to put on your beautiful face. Now you can get just your compact out and call it good.


Maskcara compacts are not your normal compact. They are much much better! Don’t believe us? Give them a try and see for yourself!!

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All About Maskcara Compacts