Basic Brow Definition

You know I’m all about simplicity. Getting back to the basics. Beauty should be easy. And a step that is often neglected in your beauty routine is defining your brows! But it shouldn’t be a hard step. Here is basic brow definition training and how you can easily do it in your home!
Once your brows are nice and maintained, you need to give them a beautiful look by defining them. How do you do that?? Easy peasy. Just take an angled brow brush and either some eyeshadow or contour color that coordinates with your brow hair color. With just two things, you can get your brows lookin gooood!
First off, it doesn’t do any good to define your brows by filling them in if they’re not maintained. You don’t want to accentuate bushy and furry brows. You want your brows to be a nice shape before you define them. You can refer to brow maintenance here for some other great brow tips before you start with this step.
Take your angled brow brush, dip it in the eyeshadow or contour shade and fill in your brows. You want to use short hair like motions to mimic the look of hair growth. If you want a more natural look, then just simply fill in the areas of in your brows to make them appear fuller. If you want your brows really defined and dramatic, then use the brush to shape around your brow.
Defining your brows helps frame your face. It gives your brows definition and shape that helps finish off your look. It just tops your look off and gives your face a beautiful touch!
Some Maskcara eyeshadow shades that are great for your brows:
Some Maskcara contour shades that would work great for your brows: