Beauty Basics Blending 101

Welcome to Beauty Basics Blending! So far, we’ve learned how to apply highlight, contour, and blush and now you need to learn how to properly blend all of that color so you don’t look like a clown! I’m going to teach you some tips that will help you get a flawless look!
Perfector Sponge Method
If you want to use a sponge to blend your makeup, then you need to make sure it is completely ready before you start. What do I mean? If you use a dry sponge, you will not get the right blending look. First, you need to take your sponge and run it under water to soak it. Then you squeeze out the excess water. Your sponge should now look double in size. Now you are ready to properly blend with a sponge!
You want to take your sponge and lightly dab it over the area of color. The purpose is to remove the excess color, without wiping off too much. So do not use wiping motions but dabbing, stippling, and rolling motions. Work your way around your face dabbing and patting and blending in that product. It should just melt into your face and give you a nice and natural makeup look.
Brush Method
If you want to use a brush to blend, go for it! Just make sure to use a light hand so you don’t take off too much product. Simply place your brush on your skin and press and sweep off of your face. You’ll be working in a feathering motion to help blend the color. Make sure to be brush upward to give your face a lifting look, not a dragging down look.
I love the blending process! It’s the magic to the makeup look that gives you a flawless look! It takes some practice to perfect, but you can do anything! Keep at it until you’ve got it mastered!