Beauty Basics Blush 101

I hope you’re enjoying learning about the basics of makeup! Onto Beauty Basics Blush 101! Our faces come alive when we add a natural flush to our cheeks.
Blush Tips
You don’t want to add too much blush and put it in the wrong place because that will make look like a hot mess!Focus on the apples of your cheeks- smile at yourself in the mirror. Find the squishiest part of your cheeks and that is where you want to place your color.Blend upwards into your contour…by blending up you are creating a lifting effect. You want to lift your face up, not draw it down.Don’t be afraid of color, the blush will blend out and look natural.
Blush is a really simple step in your beauty process. Practice and experiment with what works best for your face. You can master anything with practice!