Beauty Basics Highlight 101

Welcome to Beauty Basics! As part of the Beauty Basics course, I am going to teach you all about highlight…Highlight 101! My beauty routine consists of using the Maskcara makeup foundations (highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator). Applying your highlight color is a simple step to your beauty routine and you can easily learn how to perfect it!
The purpose of highlighting is to even out your skin tone, cover up blemishes and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, and to brighten your face in the right places.
I like to focus my highlight in 5 areas:
Under the eyesOn the noseUnder the noseOn the chinOn the forehead
As you apply your highlight color with your brush, do so in a dabbing or patting motion. If you wipe the product, it can appear streaky. By dabbing and patting the cream into your skin, the product lays nicely on the surface and gives it a smooth and natural finish. It also gives more coverage this way.
Some women may need to use more than one highlight color. Sometimes our necks & chests are different shades than our face or sometimes our faces have different shades in different areas. By using more than one highlight color, you can mix and layer to give it a more natural look. You want your face, neck, and chest to coordinate and appear similar in shade. If your neck and chest appear darker than your face, then you could apply a darker highlight on your chin to blend the two skin shades. And vice versus. You want one cohesive look. It is a flattering look to have a lighter shade under the eye area to give your face a brighter look.
Applying your highlight correctly takes practice. And figuring out the right shades takes trial and error. Your skin also changes shades throughout the year, so you may need to use different highlight colors during different times of year.
With these simple steps and with practice, you can master the art of applying highlight!