Beauty Basics Illuminator 101

Welcome to Beauty Basics Illuminator 101! What is illuminator and why should you wear it?? I’m going to show you why you need to do this very simple step in your makeup routine!
Why do you need to wear illuminator? Illuminator adds some brightness to your face and makes it glow…in a good way! By adding a little shimmer, it will add a nice dimension to your face. It’s not a little girl sparkle shimmer, but a nice glistening glow that looks natural. You don’t want to appear flat and by applying illuminator you can add some easy depth.
I like to focus on 3 main areas when applying illuminator:
Above your cheekbone- take your finger and dip it into the illuminator and simply apply it to the top of your cheekbone, focusing on the top part, nearest your eye.Bow of your lip- add just a little bit of illuminator right at the part of your lip that is directly under your nose, the bow.Below your brow- dab some illuminator just below your brow to make that area shine.
And that’s it! See how easy that step is?! You really can’t mess up! This is an easy step but one that just polishes the look off nicely!