Berry Christmas Eyeshadow Look

Berry Christmas Eyeshadow Look with Maskcara Beauty Girl at  Berry Christmas Eyeshadow Look

With Christmas fast approaching, there will be parties & gatherings galore. Time to step up your makeup game! Maskcara has amazing eyeshadow colors to choose from. The colors are very pigmented and will last for a long time! Here’s an easy Berry Christmas Eyeshadow Look you can quickly put together in your home!

Colors to Use

For this simple look, you’ll only need 3 eyeshadow colors:

  • Stardust
  • Mi Hija
  • Salem

Did you know that part of the proceeds from Mi Hija go to helping Foster Care? You look beautiful and you help raise funds for foster care…win win.

How to Get the Look

Take the small end of your I Shadow Everything Brush and apply Stardust just below your brows and in the inner corners of your eyes. Then use the larger end of your brush and apply Mi Hija to the main portion of your eyelid. Use as little or as much color as you want. The darker you apply, the more dramatic your eyes will look. For the last step, use the small end of the brush and apply Salem to the outer corner of your eyes. Extend the color beyond your lash line to make your eyes appear larger. Bring the color into the crease of your eye. Blend with the larger part of the brush. Add more color as needed and make sure to blend!

If you want a more subtle eye, then don’t use as much product. If you want a more dramatic look, then layer the color on! Build in layers and see what you look you like best as you go. Good luck and get out there gorgeous!

And if you want a coordinating lip color, just swipe some Black Cherry on those lips and you’re good to go!



Berry Christmas Eyeshadow Look with Maskcara Beauty Girl at


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