Closet Workhorse: Chambray Shirt

It’s so important to build a wardrobe that is full of intentional pieces. Pieces that will work hard for you, pieces that you can wear over and over, pieces that you can dress up or down, pieces that are versatile. One piece that is a closet workhorse is a chambray shirt. Every closet needs one!!

Why a Workhorse??

Why is the chambray shirt a closet workhorse? Oh I’ll tell you! A jean shirt can be worn all year round. You can wear it in the winter as a layering piece, in the spring with the sleeves rolled up, in the summer around your waist, or in the fall on its own. You can dress it down with jeans or dress it up with a dress. It will work so hard for you and you will love it!

Closet Workhorse: Chambray Shirt at

The Versatility of a Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is so versatile! Any woman, any age, any size, any color can wear a jean shirt. It can be worn in so many different ways! Some of my favorite ways to wear this shirt is as a button up with jeans and a cute scarf, tucked in with a pencil skirt, around my waist when I wear a dress, or with the sleeves rolled up with a pair of white shorts. The options are endless! You want to put versatile pieces in your wardrobe and a jean shirt is definitely one of them!

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Closet Workhorse: Jean Shirt at

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Jean Shirt Options

When choosing a chambray shirt for your closet, make sure you get one that is comfortable, made well, and flattering. You don’t want to skimp on closet staples because they will be worn over and over! So pick a high quality one.

Closet Workhorse: Chambray Shirt at

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Well, have I convinced you yet?? When you’re building an intentional wardrobe, make sure to look for pieces that are versatile and comfortable and stylish. You want your clothes to work hard for you. You want to build a closet that is smart. And purchasing a jean shirt, or jean shirt if you wanna call it that, will be such a great investment for your closet…I promise!!

Closet Workhorse: Chambray Shirt at
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