Confidence Booster Before and After

Confidence Booster Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

Confidence Booster Before and After

Meet Mandy. She’s a good friend of mine. She has the best laugh. She has a kind heart. Her eyes sparkle and smile right back at you. She doesn’t usually wear much makeup, other than mascara on her lashes. So when I asked her if I could practice on her, she was excited to give it a go. And once she looked in the mirror when we were done, she had the biggest smile on her face! This was the best confidence booster before and after and you could tell that she was beaming on the inside and out!

After determining that she has a cool skin tone and color matching her to figure out her highlight foundation color, we got to work! I applied her highlight under her eyes, on her nose, under her nose, on her chin, and on her forehead. The light layer of Amber highlight helped even out her skin tone and take away the redness in some spots. Then I applied Ash contour to her cheek bones, jawline, and hairline. It brought out her beautiful cheekbones! Mandy didn’t want bright pink cheeks, so we settled for a neutral look with Desert Sunset on the apples of her cheeks. I added Pearl Illuminator to the tops of her cheekbones to give them a nice glow.

She’s not a fan of heavy eye makeup so I used very light and neutral colors. The colors gave her eyes a little bit of brightness. Then I filled in her brows with Oak eyeshadow. It helped frame her face and give more definition to her eyebrows. We topped the look off with Desert Sunset as her lip color for a nice and natural look.

Even though we didn’t layer lots of makeup on Mandy, she still felt beautiful. She could look in the mirror and see her good features and enhanced natural beauty. She looked as beautiful as she felt. Her confidence was boosted and her self worth was increased. And it felt so good to see her so happy and confident!

Confidence Booster Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

Products and Colors Used

Highlight: Amber

Contour: Ash

Blush: Desert Sunset

Illuminator: Pearl

Eyes: Sabrina & Stardust

Eyebrows: Oak

Lips: Desert Sunset


30 Second HAC Brush (for highlight and contour)

I Shadow Everything Brush (for eyeshadow)

The Multitasker Brush (for brows and lips)

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