Downtown Riverside Photoshoot

I recently took a trip to the States for a family reunion. While there, I also did some work for our Maskcara business. My sister-in-law and business partner, Michelle, and I had a business photoshoot to do downtown with a friend. Michelle is one talented lady. She’s a business whiz, a personable podcaster, and an awesome photographer! The two of us teamed up and I did my friend, Natalie’s, makeup with our awesome Maskcara products and Michelle worked her magic behind the camera. Once we were done with Natalie, we did an impromptu downtown Riverside photoshoot for moi.
I loved how they turned out! What I love about Michelle is that not only is she amazing at capturing a great shot, but she’s in charge and in control of the photoshoot. She directs and poses you in flattering and artistic ways. She’s confident with her talent and knows her style. She is fast and efficient. We shot these pictures in 5-10 minutes and we were done! It was a quick and spur of the moment photoshoot but look at the magic that she created!
I love learning from women. I love seeing their strengths and appreciating their talents. I don’t look at them with envy and jealousy, but with admiration. I try to look for the good in women and see how I can emulate their good traits. It’s so uplifting when you surround yourself with positive people that are talented and kind, serving and good. I want to always strive to be a caring person who shares my talents and continues to create new ones. I want to be the kind of woman that others want to be around because I exude that kindness and confidence. And by surrounding myself with women that are like that, I learn from them and learn to be a better version of myself.