Easy Fall Eyeshadow Looks

Fall is such a cozy time of year! I love the changing fall leaves, the crisp autumn air, the beginning of the holidays, and the yummy pumpkin treats! It’s also a fun time of year for fashion and beauty! In the makeup scene, fall makeup tends to be darker and more dramatic than the spring and summer months. It can get daunting trying to come up with new ways to do your makeup and trying to stay on top of the trends. So, I’m going to show you some easy fall eyeshadow looks that you can recreate in your home!
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Fall Colors
Great eyeshadow colors to wear in the fall time are browns, purples, greens, dark blues…any deeper and darker colors. It’s all about the amount you put on and the colors you choose.
Fall Eyeshadow Looks

These colors in this look can really be used any time of the year. But since it’s fall, I went a little heavier with the colors to create a more dramatic eye. I took my I Shadow Everything Brush and used the fluffy side to apply Oak on the main part of my eyelid, just until the eyeball ends. I like to tap and press the color onto my lid. Then I took Pup and blended from the end of Oak to just below my eyebrow. With the smaller side of the brush, I applied Trust in a V-like shape from my lash line to my eyelid crease. Then with the fluffy side of the brush I wiped back and forth and blend blend blend! I topped the look off by adding Sabrina to the brow bone and inner part of my eye. The key is to blend! You can add more as you go and continue to wipe and blend until you achieve the look you want.

This next look is more simple and subtle. You can apply the colors heavier to achieve a more dramatic look. I took theI Shadow Everything Brush and applied Basic to the main part of my eyelid. Then I took Kin and wiped the purple shade in a windshield wiper motion right in my eyelid crease, back and forth, making sure to blend. Stardust was a perfect shimmer to add to the top of my brow bone and the inner part of my eye. With the

I used the small end and applied Salem along my lashes to add some liner. If you wanted a more dramatic look, you could apply the black color with the small end of the I Shadow Everything Brush for more color or a smokey look.

Bronze is a great fall color! Maskcara has some great bronze colors to choose from, but for this look I’m using Bright Eyes as the show stopper. First, I took my I Shadow Everything Brush and applied Bubba to the main part of my eyelid with the fluffy end of the brush. I used the smaller end of the brush to apply Bright Eyes in my crease. In a V-like shape I patted the brush along the outer edge of my eye along the lashes and then into my crease. Make sure to blend by wiping back and forth until the color is married. Then I took Sabrina and added it on my brow bone and inner part of my eye to add a bright highlight. Using the Mutlitasker Brush, I took Emerald City and applied it to my lashes area to mimic eye liner. For a more dramatic look, you can use the smaller end of your I Shadow Everything Brush to add more color.

This next look is a simpler and more neutral look. You can always add more color for more drama. I first applied Bend and Snap to the main portion of my eyelid. Then I took Kin and brushed the purple color in a windshield wiper motion, back and forth in the crease of my eyelid. I took Mama and blended the colors together and applied to my brow bone area. Using my Multitasker Brush, I applied Trust to my lash line to line the area.
Easy peasey! You can’t go wrong with these colors. If you’re nervous about adding too much color, work in layers. You can always add more or wipe away what you don’t like. These are just some easy fall eyeshadow looks that you can play around with. The sky’s the limit! If you’re hesitant on which colors would look great on you, email me and I’ll walk you through! I have some eyesahdows tutorials in the works and will be sharing soon too!
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