Easy Viral Eyeshadow Hack

Easy Viral Eyeshadow Hack

Have you seen this easy viral eyeshadow hack floating around on social media? Maybe you saw it on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Maybe not. Either way, it really is super easy! If you struggle with eyeshadow, then you will especially love this eyeshadow hack!

What You Need for the Eyeshadow Hack

Before we get into the how, it’s important to know the what. What do you need to get this simple eyeshadow look?

  • 3-4 eyeshadow shades ranging from dark to light (these are my favorite eyeshadows and this is my fave eyeshadow color combo. It’s a pretty rose gold look!
  • Eyeshadow Brush (this eyeshadow brush is my absolute fave! It’s 2 brushes in one. One side applies, the other side blends!)
  • A brush cleaning tile (this isn’t required, but it is definitely nice!)
Viral Eyeshadow Hack Tools

Step by Step Viral Eyeshadow Look

Step 1: Take the darkest color and draw a vertical line on the outer edge of your eyelid. It doesn’t have to be precise…it can be sloppy.

Step 2: Take the second darkest color and apply a vertical line on the middle of your eyelid.

Step 3: Take your lightest or second to lightest color and apply a line on the inner corner of your eye.

Step 4: Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend, blend, blend! Start on the outer corner and work your way in. Use light circular motions. Pretend like you’re using a feather duster to dust something fragile.

Step 5: If you want to brighten your eye, add your lightest color under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye.

And that’s it! You have created an ombre eyeshadow look in one minute! It really is super easy!

The Great Thing About this Eyeshadow Look

The great thing about this viral eyeshadow look is that literally ANYONE can do it! It doesn’t matter your skill level. It can work for newbies to pros. The key is the right products and tools. That’s it. It’s super easy and quick to do, but it looks like it took you a long time! Jokes on them 😉

Try this easy viral eyeshadow hack out and see how you like it!

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Easy Viral Eyeshadow Hack

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