How to Beautify Your Brows

Do you want to get the best brows?! Let’s talk! So often, women do a marvelous job with their makeup but then completely forget to top their look off by managing their brows! Eyebrows can really make or break your look. Let me show you some brow tips and tricks that will make you feel like a million bucks. This is how to beautify your brows!

To get the best brows you must (must!) have your brows nicely shaped. Some of us are blessed with big bushy brows and some of us not so much. And some of us have tweezed those bad boys til there isn’t much left! No matter which category you fall in, you still must make sure you have a nice shape to your eyebrows. How can you do this? You can pay someone a small investment to get your brows waxed, threaded, or tweezed to get them started off with a nice shape. You can continue to pay for their maintenance on a regular schedule or learn to maintain them on your own. Already have a nice shape? Then make sure to keep those brows looking good. Remember that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins! You don’t need to make them identical & symmetrical. They should coordinate, not match.
Home Maintenance
You can learn to maintain and upkeep your eyebrows on your own. Once you have a nice shape that will complement your face, then it’s important to keep them looking good! What do you need to do?

Invest in a good pair of tweezers and learn to tweeze the proper way. When tweezing, make sure to grab the hair and pull in the direction of the hair growth. This will allow for the hair to come out nice and smooth without causing irritation to the skin or breakage of the hair. Keep tabs on those pesky stragglers and tweeze often. There’s nothing worse than having beautifully shaped brows sprinkled with loose, crazy fur.
After you are up to date on your tweezing, now it’s time to keep your brows trimmed! Just like you need regular haircuts, your eyebrows need to be trimmed frequently. Purchase some small eyebrow trimmers and a disposable mascara wand. Together these tools will help you comb and trim your brows so they don’t become unruly. It’s such an easy but essential step to ensure your brows are fabulous!

Make sure your brows start and end in the right places. Take a thin makeup brush (or pencil) and hold it vertically in your hand. Hold the brush right along the bridge of your nose, up past your brow. Your brow should start here. Now take your brush and hold it diagonally under your nose, to the outside corner of your eye, to your eyebrow. This is where your brow should end. Do it to both brows. This is a quick and easy way to determine how long your brows should be so they fit your face well.
Makeup Your Brows
Makeup on your brows? You better believe it! It’s amazing the difference a little color to your brows can do for your face! Once your brows are nicely shaped and maintained, then you need to apply a little brown to those brows to give them a nice definition. With just 2 things, you can make your brows look like a runway model’s!
You’ll need some brown eyeshadow (my favorite colors are Oak, Coco, or Trust) or contour that closely matches your brow color and the Mulitasker Brush. Then you apply the color into your brows to fill them in. Simply follow the shape of your brows and add some color. Use motions that mimic the growth of hair. That’s it! Brows help frame your face so this is a simple way to give your brows a little pick me up.

With those simple steps, that’s how you can beautify your brows! Such simple steps that should not be neglected in any beauty routine!