How to Curl a Pixie with a Flat Iron

When it comes to styling your pixie cut, don’t let having short hair limit you! You can style it straight or curly to get different looks…think outside the box! And if you want to go for different looks, you don’t necessarily have to have all the tools and gadgets to get it. You can get different looks by using just one tool. Here’s how to curl a pixie with a flat iron so you can use what tool you already have on hand.

How to Curl a Pixie with a Flat Iron at

What You Need

You might not need a whole slew of tools, but you do need some basic products to get the right look. It really does matter what products you put in your hair before you style it to get a nice result. Especially since you’ll be curling your pixie, you want those curls to stay! You can find all of the hair products HERE.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Tonique & Refresh Invigorating Mint Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss

Whip Volumizing Mousse

Flat Iron: Le Reve Brush:

Sienna Paddle Brush Nylon Bristle

Rival Heat Shield

Salt & Sea Texturizing Spray

Posh Hair Polish

Hero Gentlemen’s Pomade

How to Get the Look  

First off, start with clean hair. Shampoo and condition your hair and then towel dry it. Then apply a few squirts of Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss to help smooth out any frizz. And then apply some Whip Volumizing Mousse to give your hair some body when you style it. You can either blow dry or air dry your hair before moving on to styling it.

Once your hair is dry, spray it with Rival Heat Shield to protect it from the heat of the flat iron. Then spray your hair with Salt & Sea Texturizing Spray to help the curl stay. Take your heated flat iron and slowly work in sections. Take a chunk of hair at a time and start at the top and clamp the flat iron onto the hair and twirl it down as you go. You want to use a circular turning motion going from top to bottom. Do the same thing all around your hair until you achieve the right look you want. If you want a stronger hold on your curl, then you can take a small amount of Posh Hair Polish and lightly put the product at the ends of your hair.

Once you’re done curling your hair, you can take your fingers and run them through your hair to get a loose curl look. Top the look off by using Hero Gentlemen’s Pomade and working the product through the ends of your hair. You don’t need a curling wand or any other fancy tools to curl your pixie! Use the hair straightener/flat iron you already have!


How to Curl a Pixie with a Flat Iron at
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