How to Find Your Signature Style

One of the questions I get asked the most when women are frustrated with their closets, shopping, and their style is they don’t know how to find their style! How do you know what you buy? How do you know hone in on what you love? How do you figure out what looks great on you? How do you figure out what to wear?? Here’s how to help you find your signature style so you will feel confident in what you buy and what you wear!

How to Find Your Signature Style

Gather Inspiration

It can be overwhelming creating something from scratch. There are so many styles, so many options, so many colors and cuts. But you can gather inspiration from others to help you find your signature style!

Use other resources like magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs to help you figure out what you like. When you’re scrolling on Instagram, click the bookmark to save any outfits that you like on others. Save them in a folder that you can refer to.

Create a style board on Pinterest so that when you’re scrolling through blogs or Pinterest, you can pin pictures of outfits that you like. This will help you hone in on what styles, colors, cuts, and shapes you like. It’s a great resource to refer back to when you want to add something to your wardrobe.

Get Honest with Yourself

There’s no point in wasting money and buying clothes for a life that you don’t live! So, get honest with yourself and only buy clothes that will fit your lifestyle. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then it doesn’t make sense for you to have a whole wardrobe full of fancy dresses and stilettoes. If you’re a businesswoman, then it doesn’t make sense for you to have drawers and drawers of t-shirts and jeans. Dress and shop for a life that you actually live!

Also take into consideration what activities you do often. If exercising is a big part of your life, then it’s ok to have a good collection of workout wear. If your life is very casual, then most of your clothes should be casual wear. If you have a 9-5 job, then most of your clothes should reflect where you work.

If you don’t like wearing tight fitted clothes because they feel restricting or uncomfortable, don’t buy them! Look for styles that are looser fitting yet flattering. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what makes you happy.

Get honest with yourself and ask how you need to dress and what you feel and look great in. Stop wasting money on clothes and styles that you don’t wear and don’t love!

Body Shape

It’s so important to understand what body shape you have so you know how to dress it in the most flattering way! Knowing your body shape will help you find your signature style. I have a great eBook that I created just for this very purpose called “Your Body Shape Style Guide.” It has invaluable information that will change the way you shop and dress. You can find it HERE.


Did you know that there are certain colors that you look best in? Buy and wear colors that are flattering on you! If you don’t know which colors look great on you, then you can learn all about it in my eBook called “Your Color Match Closet Guide” HERE.

With a little inspiration and some knowledge, you can find your signature style! And once you find it, stick with it! Create an outfit formula that works well for you and wear different variations of it. With a smile and confidence, you will look beautiful in anything! And when you feel good, you do good!

How to Find Your Signature Style

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