How to Shop as a Minimalist

Have you decided to pare down, live with less, become minimalistic? But you also still really enjoy fashion and looking your best? When new seasons, holidays, or sales approach it can be hard to resist those urges to stick to those goals. But have no fear! With these simple tips, you can still enjoy shopping but do it intentionally. Here is how to shop as a minimalist and still stay true to your lifestyle and fashion desires.

How to Shop as a Minimalist at

Take Inventory of Your Closet

First, before you go shopping, you must take time to go through your closet. Skim through your clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry…all the things. Take a good look at what you have, what you need to replace, what holes you need to fill in your wardrobe. Is your closet filled with items that you can easily mix and match and wear in more than a few ways? Do you have a common color scheme? Are you missing key pieces that can make your wardrobe more versatile? Take note. Shop as a minimalist with intention.

How to Shop as a Minimalist at

Make a List

Once you’ve studied your wardrobe, make a list. Make a list of what you need and want. If you go shopping with a list, you’ll be able to stay focused when those sales blind side you. If it’s not on your list, move on. Be strong. Hold to it. You’ll save money and you’ll save the space in your closet.

Buy Items that are Versatile

If you can’t envision a clothing item, jewelry piece, shoes, or accessory in at least 3-5 different ways, then it’s not worth the space in your wardrobe. You want to make sure you purchase pieces that are versatile, that can be worn in many ways, that can be mixed and matched. Great examples of these closet workhorses are: a chambray shirt, a leather jacket, a white shirt, white tennis shoes, black pumps…anything that is a closet staple that can be worn over and over in many different ways.

Add Flare with Accessories

If you have a great basic clothing capsule, then you can add flare with accessories. Accessories take up less space and are easy to replace with the changing seasons and trends. Don’t Add More….Replace! When you find something that you love, get rid of something in your closet that you don’t love. Replace. Don’t keep collecting items, simply replace things. When something is worn out, just find a replacement and toss the old when you get something new. That goes with beauty products, accessories, clothing, jewelry…anything!

How to Shop as a Minimalist at

Becoming a minimalist doesn’t mean that you have to forgo fashion. Just shop with intention. Shop with purpose. You can still shop as a minimalist and enjoy your time!

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How to Shop as a Minimalist at