How to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Do you have a makeup bag or drawer full of makeup products? Is it overflowing with clutter? Do you feel like you waste time rummaging through it to find the right product to use? You’re not alone! So many women have a cluttered makeup routine that is wasting time, space, and money! I want to show you how to simplify your makeup routine so you can focus on what matters most!

How to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Simplify Your Makeup Routine by Saving Space

Ok, you are going to think this is the coolest! Say goodbye to your crowded drawer or bag full of makeup! And say hello to just one (ONE!!) compact for all your makeup! This compact can fit your foundation, concealer, contour, blush, illuminator, lipstick, bronzer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow wax, lip liner…all the things! Everything you need (minus mascara) is right at your fingertips instead of in a cluttered bag/drawer! Your one compact will save you so much space!

Simplify Your Makeup Routine by Saving Time

Say goodbye to the minutes wasted looking for the right makeup products to get ready for the day! Simply open your compact and have exactly what you need at your fingertips!

This simple makeup system makes it really quick and easy to pop open your compact, apply the colors you need, blend, and be good to go! It will seriously take you 5-10 minutes to be completely made up and ready. How’s that for saving time?!

How to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Simplify Your Makeup Routine by Saving Money

I would be willing to bet that you have probably invested in a prebuilt eyeshadow palette at least once in your life. And I bet you didn’t end up using all the colors equally….am I right? Not all the colors look great on each of us or we use them at different rates. It’s such a waste of product and of money! So the best solution is to buy your eyeshadow colors individually. Get the exact colors you want and need. When you’ve used a color up, simply replace that one color.

How to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Magnetic Compact

Each compact is magnetic and the makeup singles come in tins. So you can mix and match, move around, and replace as needed. You don’t have to wait for all the colors to be done before you replace it. You can replace exactly when you need to.

If you need to pack for a trip and want to take less makeup products, invest in a small compact and only take the colors you need. The options are so convenient!

If you’re tired of wasting time, space, and money on a cluttered makeup routine, then you really need to simplify your makeup routine by investing in this product!

How to Build Your Custom Compact

It sounds great, right?! But how do you get started? That’s where I come in! I’m a professional makeup artist that specializes in helping women find their right colors and products that will complement their skin tone. I want to help you simplify your beauty routine and help you look and feel beautiful!

What do you need to do?? To get a simple overall suggestion, you can take the really quick Color Match Quiz HERE. But if you want a more personalized recommendation on what colors and products will work well for you, then email me HERE with a selfie of your beautiful face. To get the most accurate recommendation, it’s important to see a picture in natural lighting. Please follow these directions:

  • Find a window with natural lighting
  • Face it
  • Take a few steps back
  • Snap a picture of your makeup-free face and neck
  • Email it to me!
How to Take a Selfie

Say goodbye to your cluttered makeup bag and hello to a simplified makeup routine! You can save time, space, and money and use it for something better!