How to Style a Black Maxi Dress

A dress is such a fun way to feel feminine and pretty! It’s an easy outfit to quickly toss on, throw a few accessories, add some fun shoes and look put together! Here are some easy ways on how to style a black maxi dress….especially for fall!

You may think that dresses are only good for spring and summer seasons. But that’s not so! You can wear a dress all year round and look fabulous! Here are a few tips to help you dress a maxi dress for fall:


The easiest way to make a maxi dress appropriate for cool weather is to layer! Layer your maxi dress with a cardigan, sweater, jean jacket, wool coat, or blazer! Those layers provide warmth and a fun texture.

How to Style a Black Maxi Dress

Boots & Sneakers

Switch out your summer sandals for some cute boots or sneakers! Any style of boot or sneaker will look great with a maxi dress! It’s an easy way to make it look more cold weather ready!

How to Style a Black Maxi Dress


A small neckscarf, a regular scarf, a blanket scarf, or a wrap are great accessories to wear on top of your dress! You can mix it with a jacket and boots and you have yourself a great fall/winter look!

How to Style a Black Maxi Dress

Tights or Leggings

I think one of the worst things about wearing a dress in the fall/winter is having cold legs! An easy fix for this is to wear either tights or leggings! Not only are the cute and comfortable but they’re also super warm! Wearing leggings is a good little trick to make you appear that you aren’t wearing tights but your legs are nice and warm under your black maxi dress….it ill be our little secret!

How to Style a Maxi Dress

Try out any of these tips to style your black maxi dress so you can wear it all year long!

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How to Style a Black Maxi Dress