How to Style a Summery Dress for Fall

Even though we’ve transitioned from summer to fall, don’t put your summer clothes away just yet! With some creativity and some layering, you can still wear those summery dresses and clothes. Here are several ways to style a summery dress for fall so you can wear it a little longer!

How to Style a Summery Dress for Fall

Add Layers

A great way to extend your summery dresses into fall weather is to layer! Simply add on a sweater, jacket, coat, or an unbuttoned long sleeve shirt. Add some layers to your look and you have instantly switched it into a fall outfit!

Switch Your Footwear

A simple way to switch up that summer to fall style is to change out your footwear. Tuck away your sandals and take out your sneakers or booties for a fun fall look. Sandals scream spring and summer and sneakers and booties shout fall! It’s such an easy way to change your look instantly!

Add Leggings or Tights

Another great way to extend the wear of that cute summery dress is to style it with leggings or tights. Hide your bare legs and cover them with some fabric to make it look cozier and fallish. Pair it with booties and layers and you have the perfect fall look!

How to Style a Summery Dress for Fall

So if you have some favorite summery dresses that you’re not quite ready to part with, then try out a few of these tips to get your dress to stretch longer! It’s amazing how many different looks you can create for switching up or adding a few things. Give it a try!

How to Style a Summery Dress for Fall

Learn how to build an intentional closet HERE! The dress I’m styling in these pictures is from the Merrick White Collection.