How to Use Maskcara

You may have heard about Maskcara and you may have even seen a video or two about it. But how do you use Maskcara? The concept of highlighting and contouring may sound overwhelming, but it is actually very simple! This is how to use Maskcara….I’ll show you!
What You Need
First of all, Maskcara is known for their cream foundations. Maskcara Beauty also carries other makeup products like eyeshadows, brushes, compacts, and even skin care. But let’s chat about what Maskcara is really famous for. HAC. Highlighting and Contouring.
To HAC, all you need is a custom makeup pallette, a foundation brush to apply, and a sponge to blend. That’s it.

Your highlight color is basically your skin color. You want to liven up your face by brightening and highlighting it. By applying highlight, you are evening out your skin tone and covering up any blemishes and discoloration. You simply apply highlight under your eyes, on your nose, on your chin, your jawline, and your forehead.
Contouring adds dimension and shadowing to your face, giving it a livelier look. You don’t want your face to look flat. By adding contour, you are bringing out those natural features and making them pop! You easily apply the contour color just below your cheekbone, under your jawline, on your forehead along your hairline, and along the bridge of your nose.

Adding a nice natural flush to your face makes you appear more youthful and feminine. But make sure not to add too much color because you don’t want to look like a hot mess! Just apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend the color into your contour. Easy peasy.
Once you have applied your highlight, contour, and blush, you want to blend those colors with your Perfector Sponge to give your face a nice natural finish. Blending will even out the colors without taking all the product off.
The last step of the HAC process is illuminator. Adding illuminator to your face gives it a nice glow. Not a sweaty hot mess or sparkly girl kind of glow. But a glistening goddess kind of glow. Sounds good doesn’t it?! You simply apply illuminator to the top of your cheekbone, the bow your lip, and just beneath your brow bone.
And that’s how to use Maskcara! It’s not so hard now, is it?!