I Had to Move to New Zealand to Realize I Don’t Need Target or Costco

I had to move to New Zealand to realize that I don’t need Target or Costco in my life to survive. It’s true. Once upon a time, I told my husband that I could live anywhere and move anywhere…as long as I had a Target, Costco, or Trader Joes in town. A girl needs her comforts. A girl needs her cheap & trendy clothing options, bulk food options, knick knack options, options of good deals and steals. Options of therapeutic shopping and browsing and tasting. But let me tell you, I don’t really need those options. Those options were distractions and money & time suckers. Don’t get me wrong. Target and Costco and Trader Joes are great places! And I love them! And I would still shop there if we lived in the States. And you should too! But, it took me moving to another country to realize that life marches on when you aren’t surrounded by the best shopping and don’t have all the options and when you can’t buy food in bulk.

Why I Don’t Need Those Stores

Great shopping is great. But it can also become a distraction. Having the convenience of one stop shopping and good prices and awesome selection is so nice. But it also caused me to spend more money. Money that didn’t need to be spent on things I didn’t necessarily need. It caused me to spend more of my time browsing things I didn’t need to look at. Here’s the thing. When you put yourself in places where there are pretty and tasty bits and bobs, you’re bound to be tempted to buy something…even though you don’t need them! I don’t need Target or Costco!

What I’ve Learned From Not Having Them

I’ve learned heaps from removing myself from my favorite stores. I’ve learned to not waste my time shopping for things that I don’t need. Instead, now I only go to the store when I need something. I go weekly to the grocery store and then I go to a store when our family requires something after it’s been worn out, broken, or replaced. Who doesn’t want more time?? Stop shopping so much, and more time will magically appear. I’ve learned that you save more money when you shop less. But that’s just a no brainer! But seriously, how many times do you wonder where all of your hard earned money goes?! Take a look at your receipts and it will quickly add up! I’ve learned that there are tons more fun things to do than shopping. Instead of spending hours at the mall, I find pleasure going to the beach with my family, hiking a new trail, pursuing talents, and building relationships.

I Don't Need Target or Costco at iamjoellen.com

Control & Challenge

When I recently visited the States, did I pop into Target, Costco, and Trader Joes? You bet I did! And I loved it and missed it. But I had control of what time and money I used there. I had a list and stuck to it. You wanna know what I got at Costco? Chocolate chips…that’s it. Trader Joes? Macaroni and cheese for my kids. Period. Target? Just a few toiletry items that I couldn’t get in New Zealand. I didn’t waste money on things I didn’t go there for. I stay focused and in the zone.

That’s what moving to New Zealand has done for me. It’s made me consumer stronger, in control, and focused on the things that matter most. It’s made me appreciate the simple things I missed and not the frivolous things I don’t need. Now, I know that not everyone can pick up and pack up and move to another country to experience this. But I challenge you to evaluate what really matters. How you spend your time and money. And how you can improve. It’s been a liberating process for me. And now I don’t have those requirements of needing a Target, Costco, or Trader Joes in the town I live in because I make it work with what I have. And that is true living…not limiting yourself to experiences because of consumer conveniences. There’s more to life than stuff…go out there and experience it! You don’t need Target or Costco either!

I Had to Move to New Zealand to Realize I Don't Need Target or Costco at iamjoellen.com

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