Is Seint Makeup an MLM?

Is Seint Makeup an MLM?


You might have just heard about the makeup company called Seint or you might be a customer and love the products! Either way, you might be wondering, is Seint an MLM? Here’s all you need to know about the Seint MLM….


Is Seint Makeup an MLM? 

Yes, Seint makeup is an MLM (multi-level marketing company). But, before you roll your eyes and swear off trying the products or supporting the company, hear me out. Why do MLMs, social selling, or network marketing companies get such a bad rap??? If you like the product and it serves you well, why does it matter? What’s wrong with buying from or becoming part of an MLM?

This needs to be said…an MLM is NOT the same as a pyramid scheme…. which a lot of people confuse. According to, “A pyramid scheme is an illegal investment scam based on a hierarchical setup that pays members higher up in the structure with funds from new members.” Whereas, according to, “Multi-level marketing [MLM] is a distribution model companies use to get their product to consumers. Instead of directly offering their products to consumers online or in brick-and-mortar stores, they use sales representatives to distribute and sell their products.”

An MLM is NOT illegal. A pyramid scheme is. In a nutshell, an MLM is a company where distributors sell the products to customers. They have the chance to earn more money by selling more product and building teams. That doesn’t change the quality of the product or the way it’s made or delivered to you as the consumer. It’s basically buying a product directly from a person that can give you one on one help instead of buying it from a big corporation.

There are MLMs for hair products, nail products, skincare products, makeup, essential oils, exercise, all the things! And it’s so cool that you can support a small business and get the help that you need as the consumer. Wouldn’t you rather buy from someone that you personally know that you can go to with any questions you have about the product instead of buying from a big box store and hope that the product works well for you??


The Pros of an MLM

I love the flexibility that being a part of an MLM company provides for me. I’m able to work from home, homeschool my kids, travel the world, connect with women, and make a living for my family. I think the MLM model is actually a really cool way to support small businesses instead of huge corporations. It’s a way to get personalized help with awesome customer service.

The founder of Seint, Cara Brook, had the opportunity to sell her makeup in big brand corporations. But she chose to sell her products with the MLM model because she wanted other women representing the products and offering one on one help with the customers. She felt like it would be more personal and impactful than buying something from a store. And she’s right!

As a Seint Artist, I’m able to connect with women one on one and give them beauty help. You can’t get that from buying from a huge store that sells makeup. Amazon won’t call you to ask how the blush color you got is working out for you. But working with individual distributors will give you personalized help and connection. How cool is that?!



Doing Better

Are some MLM sellers annoying? Do some of them sell the wrong way? Do some of them cold message people? Yes. Some might do that. And that’s unfortunate and that’s the wrong way to do it. If done right, the distributor tries to help and serve. They try to connect and teach. They try to genuinely care….at least that’s how I run my MLM business and that’s how I’m training my team to run theirs. There are great mentors out there like Bob Heilig and Kristen Boss that are trying to teach MLM-ers to sell better and show up in a more authentic way and have a service over sales mindset. And I hope that that helps change the MLM stigma over time. I hope that when you hear the name MLM, you won’t cringe, but you’ll look to the distributor or company with respect.

So, I hope knowing more about Seint MLM will only want you to support small businesses more. I hope it helps you understand the purpose behind the social selling. I hope it allows you to have a better customer service opportunity with distributors.


If you want help knowing what Seint makeup colors will work well for you and you want help building a custom compact to simplify your makeup routine, then I can help! (see what I mean?? I’m trying to serve you, not sell. I want to help make your life easier) If so, then fill out my quick Seint Color Match form so I know what your makeup needs and preferences are so I know what to recommend to you.


If you still have questions about Seint makeup being an MLM or about the products, I would be happy to answer them! Email me and we can chat!


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Is Seint Makeup an MLM?