Makeup Color Match Survey

Makeup Color Match Survey

Makeup Color Match Survey


Picking out your makeup colors can be tricky! There are so many options and it’s hard to know what will look great on you. Unless you go somewhere in person to get a custom makeup color match, it’s a guessing game when buying makeup online! But that’s what I’m here for! I help women find their makeup colors. Find your shades with my makeup color match survey!


How to Get Color Matched Online

There are a few ways to find your makeup shades online. You can take the quick Color Match Quiz. This is a broad suggestion of what colors will look great on you.

If you want a bit more help, then you can read the Color Match Guide and scroll through the pictures to see what skin coloring matches yours the closest. It will walk you through what highlight, contour, lip & cheek, and illuminator colors to choose for your coloring.

If you want personalized help, then you can take the Color Match Survey. This survey asks you questions about your makeup needs and preferences so you can get a customized recommendation just for you!


Take the Color Match Survey

If you want that personalized help, then let me walk you through the process. To take the Color Match Survey, simply fill out the answers to the questions. You will need to share some personal information like name, email, and mobile number so I can contact you with my recommendations. You can opt out at any time.

The rest of the questions have to do with your makeup needs and preferences. I will only recommend products that you request. I’m not trying to upsell you or get you to waste money. I respect your needs =)

Makeup Color Match Survey

How to Take a Selfie to be Color Matched

The most important part of the color match survey is the selfie! I need a picture of you taken in good lighting so I can give you my most accurate recommendation. Please follow these directions to ensure I give you a good color match

  • Find a window with natural lighting
  • Face it
  • Take a few steps back
  • Snap a picture of your makeup-free face and neck

You can upload 1-2 pictures to the survey. Feel free to upload one with makeup and one without makeup so I get a feel for what look you’re going for.

How to Take a Selfie

30 Day Guarantee

Purchasing makeup online is never 100%. I try my best to give you my most accurate recommendation, but I may get a color or two wrong. I’m sorry! But the great thing is that Seint has an amazing return and exchange policy. You have 30 days to return or exchange any item that isn’t working well for you. There is a small shipping fee to do so on returns, but the process is really easy.

30 Day Guarantee

So if you’re ready to simplify your makeup routine and build a custom compact with colors that will compliment your skin tone, then let’s get started! Either take the quick Color Match Quiz, read the Color Match Guide, or take the Color Match Survey.


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Makeup Color Match Survey

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