Mary Kay Versus Seint Makeup (Which is Better)

Mary Kay Versus Seint Makeup Review

Are you curious about how Mary Kay makeup compares to Seint makeup? They’re both great beauty brands that offer awesome products to women. But, how do you know which brand is best for you? Here is a Mary Kay versus Seint makeup review that will help you decide what products to invest in to help you look and feel beautiful!


A Little About Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a beauty company that was founded in 1963. Their mission is “Enriching the lives of women and their families around the world.” They carry a wide range of beauty products for women and men from makeup, skincare, nail polish, fragrance, brushes, and palettes. You can purchase Mary Kay products directly online or through a consultant. Mary Kay focuses on the importance of preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.


A Little About Seint

Seint (previously known as Maskcara) was founded in 2013 by Cara Brook. Seint is well known for their 3D foundation and customizable compacts. Their mission statement is:

“Beauty connects us. It transcends time and knows no boundaries.
Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world around us is a sacred work. And that work—our work—is beautiful. We see beauty in every face. Our mission is to preserve and nurture it. Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe in: That beauty matters. That helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing. Beauty is not our creation; Beauty is our passion.”

Seint carries a range of makeup products, skincare, fragrance, apparel, brushes, and palettes. You can purchase Seint products directly online and can choose to work with a Seint Artist for personalized beauty help.

Love is Never Wasted is a non-profit foundation that Seint has set up to help foster children and families.


Mary Kay Foundation Compared to Seint Foundation

When it comes to foundation, Mary Kay wins on range of shades and Seint wins on simplicity!

There are lots of foundation options with Mary Kay! Mary Kay offers mineral powder foundation, crème to powder foundation, TimeWise Luminous 3D foundation, CC Cream sunscreen,

Mary Kay foundation comes in a wide range of shades and solutions, ranging from powders to creams to liquid. Their TimeWise Luminous 3D makeup comes in 28 shades, the CC cream comes in 5 shades, the crème to power foundation comes in 16 shades, and the mineral powder foundation comes in 12 shades.

The prices for Mary Kay foundation range from $18-$25.

Seint cream foundation (highlight) comes in a range of 16 shades. Each shade comes in a tin that can be placed in a custom compact. The foundation shades also act as concealer. Their prices are foundation are $14 each.


Mary Kay Blush Compared to Seint Blush

Mary Kay blushes are powder and come in 11 shimmer shades and 2 matte shades. Each blush is $14.

Seint blushes are cream and come in 13 gloss shades, 10 satin shades, and 2 semi-gloss shades. Each blush is $14.

Both Mary Kay and Seint blushes come in tins that can be placed in a custom compact.


Mary Kay Contour Compared to Seint Contour

Mary Kay has 2 shades of powder contour. Seint has 10 cream contours. Both brands of contour come in tins that can be placed into a custom palette. And both brands of contour are $14 each.


Mary Kay Highlighter Compared to Seint Illuminator

Mary Kay highlighters are powder and come in 4 shades. They are $14 and $16 each. Seint illuminators come in 5 cream shades and 5 powder shades. The cream illuminators are $14 each and the powder illuminators are $16 each. Both brands of highlighter/illuminator come in individual tins that can be placed in a custom compact.


Mary Kay Setting Powder Compared to Seint Setting Powder

Mary Kay has one loose translucent powder that comes in a little jar and is $16. Seint offers one type of pressed translucent setting powder It is $16 and can be placed in a custom compact.


Mary Kay Eyeshadow Compared to Seint Eyeshadow

Mary Kay eyeshadows come in .05 oz in tins that can be placed in a custom compact. There are 33 shades and cost $8 each. Seint eyeshadows come in 5 grams (.176 oz) in tins that can be placed in a custom palette. There are 87 shades and they are $12 each.


Let’s Talk about Lips!

Mary Kay has a lot of lip products! They have lip gloss in 14 shades ($16), Gel Semi-Shine lipstick in 12 shades ($18), True Dimension Lipstick in 24 shades ($18), lip liner in 8 shades ($12), and butter balm ($12).

Seint lip colors double for the blush colors. There are 25 shades at $14 each. They do not have lip liner, but any of their lip colors or contours can be applied as lip liner using the Multitasker Brush.


Mary Kay Makeup Brushes Compared to Seint Makeup Brushes

Mary Kay has 4 makeup brushes, and they are $14 or $16 each. Seint makeup brushesare all double-sided. There are 10 different styles to choose from and range from $18-$36.

Seint also has a makeup brush cleanser that is $28.


Pros of Seint Makeup 

  • It’s simple- Seint prides themselves on simplicity! Everything you need for your face (minus mascara) can fit into a custom compact. You don’t have to have a large makeup bag or drawer to fit all the bottles and tubes of products. Just one compact, a few brushes, and that’s all you need.
  • It’s quick and easy- It’s all at your fingertips in your compact! With it being cream makeup, it applies and blends really well, making it easy for any novice to learn.
  • You get personalized help- You can work one on one with a Seint Artist to troubleshoot and ask any beauty questions. Seint has an awesome return policy. You have 30 days to return or exchange any item that doesn’t work well for you. You just have to pay for return shipping.
  • Seint has minimal ingredients- You can find a list of Seint ingredients and other information about their products.


Pros of Mary Kay Makeup

  • Mary Kay has a great range of colors and products- Their foundation colors are very impressive and include most skin shades, making it easy for any woman to find the color to match their skin.
  • Mary Kay also has a lot of products to choose from- This makes it easy for any woman to find what they need.


Cons of Seint Makeup

  • Seint doesn’t have a ton of foundation colors to choose from, making it difficult for women to find their perfect shade.
  • Seint makeup doesn’t contain SPF.


Cons of Mary Kay Makeup

  • All the ingredients to the different products are not listed on the Mark Kay website so it’s hard to tell what you’re putting on your face.
  • Although Mary Kay has a wide variety of products, it can seem overwhelming to the costumer knowing where to start and what to buy.
  • There are a ton of products to choose from, which is great for selection, but can be tempting on the wallet and bad for the makeup bag of clutter.


Hopefully you found this Mary Kay versus Seint makeup review helpful! You can read Seint makeup reviews to hear other women’s opinions on the makeup to make an educated decision on what brand to invest in.

I am a Seint Artist and used and loved the makeup for 2 years before joining the company. With that said, I’ve also been a customer of Mary Kay and acknowledge their strengths. Both are great beauty companies and it just depends on what you want out of your makeup routine.

You can find Mary Kay products online. If you would like to try Seint makeup, I would be happy to help guide you! You can find a color match guide to help you find the right makeup and products on your own, take my quick color match quiz, take a makeup survey to let me know your makeup needs and preferences, or shop directly online. Depending on how much help you want, I’ve got you covered!

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Mary Kay Versus Seint Makeup Review

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