Maskcara Makeup for Normal Skin

Maskcara Makeup for Normal Skin


Maskcara Makeup for Normal Skin


Maskcara 3D cream foundation works great on any skin type. But, if you have normal skin, then you’re extra lucky! You have less troubleshooting to do when applying this makeup. So, here’s a guide for how to apply Maskcara makeup for normal skin so you can look your best!


Normal Skin Prep

It’s crucial to have a good skin care routine. Having healthy skin is key for makeup application. You don’t want to use makeup to coverup unhealthy skin. Get that skin looking and feeling great and then enhance it with makeup! So, make sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily and apply a mask a few times a week. You can learn more about proper skin care HERE. Also, make sure to drink lots of water! It does wonders for the skin!


Normal Skin Application

Since you have normal skin, you don’t have to be too picky with your application process. If you want more moisture in your skin, then apply moisturizer before you put your makeup on. But, it’s important to let any moisturizer absorb into your skin for a good 5 minutes. If you apply your makeup right away, it may slide right off and not stay properly.

If you want your makeup to last all day, you can spray your face before applying your makeup with a Setting Spray. These are great ones HERE. Just wait for the setting spray to dry before you apply your makeup.

Once you’re ready to apply your makeup, use a brush to give you the best results. You can learn all about the different Maskcara makeup brushes HERE. There are so many options and they all work great!  My personal faves and the ones I use daily are: Bronzer + Blush Brush, Buffy Brush, I Shadow Everything Brush, Hotline Brush.


Normal Skin Finishing

After you’re done looking pretty, it’s time to set your makeup to ensure that it lasts all day! If you want a matte look, then you can use a powder to set. This is a great one HERE. If you want a dewy glow, then skip the powder. You can also set your makeup with a setting spray. Maskcara has two great options HERE.

If you want Maskcara makeup to look great on you, then just play around until you find the best formula for you. Everyone is different and has different needs and preferences. Have fun!


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Maskcara Makeup for Normal Skin