Maskcara Versus Seint

Maskcara versus Seint

Maskcara Versus Seint


Have you heard of Maskcara Beauty? Have you heard of Seint? Are you wondering what’s up? I’ll give you the 4-1-1 on all you need to know about Maskcara versus Seint so you know what’s what!


Maskcara Beauty Rebrand

Here’s the deal…Maskcara Beauty is now Seint! Maskcara Beauty is the same as Seint. Think of Maskcara as the the beauty version 1.0 and Seint is 2.0. Seint is Maskcara with a face lift! Seint is a breath of fresh air and a whole new feel with all the same awesome products.


What is Seint?

The quality and popular products haven’t changed….but the packaging has! Maskcara packaging was always gorgeous but this is now on a whole new level of ah-mazing! Think Vogue. Think Chanel. Think Louis Vuitton. Think all those classy iconic brands but for an affordable price for the everyday woman. That is Seint.

Seint is classy. Seint is beauty. Seint is fresh. But Seint isn’t unattainable. It’s for every woman. It’s for all ages, stages, cultures, classes, colors, and all kinds of women. This is a beauty brand that is all inclusive. Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful! And Seint makeup is not meant to cover up our beauty. It’s meant to enhance our features. It’s meant to help us feel beautiful


What makes Seint so special?

What is different about Seint? Why is the Seint beauty brand special? Seint is a brand that is meant to help women recognize their beauty. Cara says it beautifully, “This change is inspired by our belief that seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty is a sacred work; the work of saints. Saints aren’t made or created; they are simply recognized for the good they bring to the world. In a similar way, we believe that we don’t just make or create beauty; we recognize, nurture, and preserve it.”

Isn’t that beautiful?! There is beauty all around us. And Seint delights in recognizing, enhancing, and cultivating beauty. This is not just any other beauty brand. This is not just a brand that wants to convince women to buy all the things. This is a brand that believes that less is more. Let’s celebrate our beauty and recognize our uniqueness!


SEINT Mission Statement


Where can you buy Seint beauty products?

If this has peeked your interest, you may want to check it out! You can shop all Seint products HERE. Shopping online can be a little intimidating, so if you need personal help figuring out what colors and products will work great for you, then fill out this quick survey makeup survey. It will help me know how to help you! I believe that less is more, so knowing what your needs and preferences are will help me know what products to recommend to you.


If you have any questions about the products or company, email me HERE. If you’re interested in joining forces with the company and becoming an artist, you can learn more HERE.


Maskcara versus Seint

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