Minimalist Makeup: The Best Makeup for Winter

As a minimalist, I don’t want to collect all the clutter. I don’t want to have tons of makeup products that just collect in my drawer and take up space. I want to make sure the products I have are versatile and useful. So, here’s a minimalist’s guide to the best makeup for winter. You can still stay on trend without collecting all the products that you just don’t need.

When it comes to keeping your makeup fresh for each season, you really just have to add or change out a few products to get a completely different look. There’s no need to go on a shopping spree to Sephora and spend money you don’t need to spend and buy things you don’t need to collect. My absolute favorite makeup brand is Maskcara Beauty. It’s the best makeup of the minimalist! You can read more about why I think so HERE. But, the most important reason why I love it is because it’s versatile! Versatility is a minimalist’s best friend. 

The Best Makeup for Winter

Lip Colors

Changing your lip color will make a huge impact! Spring and summer calls for light pink lips and fresh and airy colors. But with winter, you want to go darker girl! Be bold with your lips! Wear reds, burgundies, dark pinks, browns. Having a richer and darker color on your lips will really give you all the wintry vibes you’re wanting. 

Cheek Colors

Same thing with your cheeks. Spring and summer screams light and bright but winter wants darker and richer. And the amazing thing about Maskcara makeup is that the Lip & Cheek colors can be worn on….your lips AND your cheeks! So you get two products for the price of one! And, you only need one product to do multiple things. So you spend less money and you take up less space. 

The Best Makeup for Winter


Bust out the autumn shades; golds, browns, greens, purples, and darker colors for your eyeshadows. By adding just 4 new eyeshadow colors, you can mix and match to get so many different looks. Plus, when you get 4 eyeshadows, you get a free compact! Any of these colors are gorgeous for a winter look:

The Best Eyeshadows for  Winter

See?? You don’t have to get an entire new makeup bag full of products to stay on top of the seasonal makeup trends. Just invest in a few more things to get totally different looks. 

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The Best Makeup for Winter