Must Have Makeup for Moms

Must Have Makeup for Moms

Must Have Makeup for Moms

Are you a mom? Do you sometimes feel like you have no time to take care of yourself? Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a momprenuer, a single mom, any kind of mom….momming can be hard and busy! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a little time for yourself to look and feel your best. And that’s why we’re sharing the must have makeup for moms that you are gonna love! And we mean, LOVE!!


Why Maskcara is the Best Makeup for Moms

Enter Maskcara. This makeup is revolutionary. And we’re not just saying that. It truly is. This makeup is a cream foundation that works together to highlight, contour, lighten, brighten, and enhance your nature beauty. It sounds too good to be true, right?!

Well, this makeup is so great because it’s fast, easy, foolproof, compact, affordable, and beautiful. The cream and powder makeup singles are packaged in little tins. And these tins can be placed in magnetic compacts so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. When one of your colors runs out, simply replace that single color. You can buy small, medium, large and everything in between sized compacts to hold just what you need. No need to tote around your messy makeup bag full of unnecessary products. One compact will fit it all!

Are you running out the door? No problem! Take your compact and brush with you and do your makeup in the car in 3 minutes. You can take longer if you want to….nobody’s judging. Whether you love love beauty and spending time on yourself in the morning or whether you’re in a rush, you can make this makeup work for you. It’s goes on so easy and blends so well. And it transforms that zombie mom look into a beautiful babe of the mom you truly are.


Basic Makeup

Now, you can go basic with Maskcara or you can go big. Let’s show you the basic route first. If you’re a no fuss kinda gal, but still want to look put together, then really all you need is one quad compact, a HAC brush, and a sponge. That’s it. The Quad compact will hold the essentials….your custom highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator. Or if you’d prefer to have 2 highlights to lighten and brighten the under eye area, then just forgo the illuminator. Either way, this compact is all you need to get you looking great in the morning! And, you can double your contour as eyeshadow and your blush as lip color or eyeshadow…for real. You can build your custom compact HERE.


A Little Extra Makeup

Now, if you’re a gal that likes to play with makeup, then we suggest the HAC Stack to get you going. The HAC Stack holds 8 foundation singles. You have the power to pick whatever singles you want to fill that baby up with. But here’s what we suggest: 3 highlights (because our faces have different shades on them and it’s great to have a few options to mix and match to get nice coverage throughout the year), 1 contour, 2 lip & cheek colors, 1 creme bronzer, and 1 illuminator. And you can’t forget the ever crucial makeup tools to help you apply the makeup flawlessly: the 30 Second HAC Brush, the B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush, and the Perfector Sponge.

All of these products will help you look and feel your best so you can get out there and do your thing! You can build your own customer compact HERE.

Must Have Makeup for Moms


I know you may be thinking that blush is for grandmas…it’s not! Adding a little flush to those cheeks will enhance your beauty. These are great options to start with! They double as blush and lip color…we even like to use it as eyeshadow! The options are endless….

Must Have Makeup for Moms

Beauty as Easy as 1-2-3!

You really can look great for the day with 1 compact, 2 beauty tools, in 3 minutes! If you want to take longer, that’s great too! If you want to use more products, more power to you! But here’s an easy way to whip your face into shape…

must Have Makeup for Moms

And there you have it. Maskcara makeup truly is the best makeup for moms! It is so easy to tote around so you can apply or touch up on the go. No more excuses for not having enough time for yourself in the morning! You can’t get faster and easier with this makeup. Want help figuring out what colors will work best for your skin coloring?? Take our fast online Color Match Quiz to help you on your way. Or you can email us a selfie of your beautiful face. Simply find a window in your home with natural lighting, face the window, take a few steps back, and snap a picture of your makeup-free face. That’s it!

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Must Have Makeup for Moms Must Have Makeup for Moms
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