My Minimalism Traveling Wardrobe Capsule

Oh boy. I love clothes! I love fashion! I love beauty! So, when we decided to travel the world, I knew it would be a challenge to slim my closet down to a suitcase. But I love a good challenge and I love living simply so it was actually pretty fun putting together my minimalism traveling wardrobe capsule. This is what I have packed on my world traveling adventure!

When packing a wardrobe capsule, it’s important to pick a color scheme so you can easily mix and match pieces. I went with a neutral palette of black, gray, and white. Almost all of my tops and bottoms and footwear can be mixed and matched to make lots of different outfit options. The key is to pick items that are versatile, light weight, and easy to pack & wear.


White t-shirt

Black t-shirt

Black & white stripe t-shirt

Light gray shirt

Dark gray shirt

Black floral shirt

Black leopard print shirt

Chambray shirt

Long sleeve exercise shirt

Short sleeve exercise shirt


Skinny jeans

Jean shorts

Black culottes

Black maxi skirt

Black & white maxi skirt

Black leggings

Black exercise capris


Black t-shirt dress

Gray t-shirt dress

Red t-shirt dress


4 swimsuits (this is my absolute favorite brand!)

2 baseball hats

7 pairs of undies

5 pairs of socks

1 pair of pjs

1 grayish sweatshirt

1 black rain jacket

1 black lightweight jacket

3 scarves


Tennis shoes

Hiking shoes

Water sandals

Leather sandals

Flip flops






3 pairs of glasses

And that’s it! It all fits into half of a medium size suitcase. I may very well get sick of some pieces while we’re traveling. Some stuff may stain or tear and I’ll replace as needed. But this is what my minimalism traveling wardrobe capsule consists of and I hope it sees me through my journey!

My Minimalism Traveling Wardrobe Capsule at

*This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of the items highlighted, I may get a small portion from that sale. I have only linked items that I personally use & love.