New Year New Skin Care Routine

Oh, I love the beginning of a new year! It means a fresh start, new goals, a new you! With the new year, you can aspire to take good care of your body. Let’s start with skin! Here’s a new year new skin care routine that you can implement so your skin is happier, healthier, and more beautiful! These are basic steps that you can take to have better skin.


It is so so important for you to cleanse your face daily!! Think of your face as a windshield. A car’s windshield collects so much dirt after a day’s drive. Your face collects dirt, dust, oil, and sweat after a hard day’s work. So you must wash your face every night to clean off that bacteria. This cleanser is the best and using a microfiber cloth helps grab at the makeup product and dirt like a charm.


If you want really great skin, then exfoliate a few times a week! It helps slough off those dead skin cells and smooths your face. It will make such a difference in your skin!! Your skin will glow! This is my absolute favorite exfoliator.

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Once a week, make sure to apply a mask on your face. This will give your skin that extra bit of love. It will help rejuvenate, hydrate, remove excess oil, and tighten your pores. It will take you just 10-20 minutes and it will make such a difference! This clay mask is a great mask to use!


After you cleanse your face daily, you must tone! Toning helps refresh, restore your skin’s natural pH level, and reduces redness. I like to apply toner by spraying a cotton pad and then wiping my face. This acts as a second cleanser and will help remove any product or dirt that you missed when cleansing. This is my favorite toner. Don’t skip this step!

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Your last step in your basic skin care routine is moisturizing! Your skin needs hydration just like your body needs water to drink. Even if you have oily skin, you must moisturize daily. Take good care of your skin! This is my favorite moisturizer!

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In a Nutshell Daily: cleanse, tone, moisturize A few times a week: exfoliate Weekly: mask And there you have it! A new year, a new skin care routine. Commit to taking a little extra time to take care of your skin. It will be happier and healthier and you will glow!

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