The Perfect Gift: Maskcara Winter Collection

The Perfect Gift: Maskcara Winter Collection

The Perfect Gift: Maskcara Winter Collection


If you’re looking for the perfect gift (whether for yourself or a special woman in your life), then look no further! The Maskcara Winter Collection is the perfect beauty gift! What woman doesn’t want to look beautiful?? What woman doesn’t want to simplify her beauty routine? What women doesn’t like to be pampered? Umm….not one! So here’s all you need to know so you can wrap up this goodie for Christmas this year!


Maskcara Winter Collection

Every now and then (not often!), Maskcara Beauty puts together bundles that save you money and helps take the guesswork out of what makeup to purchase. These bundles are the perfect mixture of complementary colors, brushes, compact, and savings. If you’ve been wanting to try or gift Maskcara, then now is the time! The Maskcara Winter Collection is so great!

What’s In It

Do I have your attention yet?? You’re probably wondering what’s in this collection…. Here it is:

Customized Trio of Highlights & Contour for Your Skin Tone:

Linen Highlight

Moonlit Highlight

Aspen Contour

3 Beautiful Lip + Cheek Shades:

Ever Red



Miscellaneous Goodies:

Cherry Lip Conditioner

Maskcara No. 1 Perfume

Angel Cream Illuminator

Glamazing Powder Illuminator

10 Versatile Eyeshadows:

Stay Golden



Ivy League


Glass Slipper





Makeup Brushes:

Buffy Brush

Best Blend Forever Brush


Double Decker Compact

The Perfect Gift: Maskcara Winter Collection

Price Breakdown

If you were to purchase all of those products individually, you would pay $373. But when you purchase this Maskcara Winter Collection, you only pay $295! That’s a savings of $78! So hurry and purchase now before they run out because it’s only while supplies last!

Such a great deal, right?! So if you’ve been on the fence about trying Maskcara for yourself or you’ve been stumped on what to buy for a girl in your life, then this is the perfect gift! It will last for months and will help enhance her beauty. Not sure what highlight colors will work? No worries! You can send me a selfie of your beautiful face HERE. To take a good selfie that will help me give you the best recommendations, find a window with natural lighting, face it, take a few steps back, snap a picture of your makeup-free face, and email it to me.

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All You Need to Know About Maskcara Winter Collection

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