Potential Maskcara Artist Questions

Potential Maskcara Artist Questions

Potential Maskcara Artist Questions


Have you been playing with the idea of becoming a Maskcara Artist? It’s a big commitment and I bet you have a lot of questions! So, here are a few resources that you can click through and read to hopefully answer some of them. Maskcara is an MLM company, but it is very different than most! So here are some potential Maskcara Artist questions and answers that can help make up your mind.


Maskcara Artist Kit

Maskcara Compensation Plan

Why You Should Join Our Team

How to Become a Maskcara Artist

Potential Maskcara Artist Facebook Page



I’m sure one of the main questions you have is the cost. You have 2 choices when becoming a Maskcara Artist: you can purchase the Basic Kit for $199 or the Pro Kit for $399. If you are located in Canada, the Basic Kit is your only option. The difference between the two is you just get more with the Pro Kit. You can read more about the kits HERE. The kit is a random selection of highlight, contour, lip & cheek, and illuminators colors, as well as a few essential brushes.

Another cost with being a Maskcara Artist is the monthly fee of $11.95. This fee covers your customer shipping fulfillment, customer service, and your back office fee for hosting a personal website for your customers to purchase from.



A question I get asked a lot too is what about training?? You might have a lot of makeup experience, you might just love doing your own makeup, or you might not have any experience at all! And that’s ok! As long as you have a passion and will to learn, you have the potential to do great!

As far as training goes, our team has a team Facebook page where we do Lives several times a month to stay connected, teach, and motivate.  We have a team Voxer chat where we make announcements, help with troubleshooting, and stay in touch. We do a monthly Zoom call where we go over our goals for the month and plan. We also have a monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the loop and we also share resources there that you can use. We have a team webpage with resources and tools to help you on your Maskcara journey. We’re here to help you fly, not fall!

Maskcara corporate also provides training for their Maskcara Artists. We have a special website that has trainings and resources for our use. There is also a large Maskcara Artist Facebook page where there are a ton of resources, information, examples, and help. Cara does trainings monthly in the Facebook group too!


Why Maskcara is Different than Other MLM Companies

  • No inventory- You don’t have to have any inventory on hand! You can have your personal kit that you use on customers, but you don’t need to make the huge investment of having stock on hand.
  • Shipping fulfillment is taken care of- You don’t have to place orders and ship them out! Maskcara takes care of it all for you!
  • Store front- You have a personal Maskcara webpage storefront where your customers can conveniently order from.
  • No minimum monthly order- You don’t have to sell a minimum monthly amount in order to get paid.
  • You always get 20% commission- No matter how little you sell, you always get 20% from your sales!
  • Small $200-400 overhead fee- You don’t need to make a huge investment to start.
  • $11.95 back office fee- This is a small fee to have the convenience of having the shipping and customer service taken care of and also having your own store front!
  • There are 2 ways to make money: by selling the product and/or building a team- There’s no pressure to do either one…you decide what works best for you!
  • Free shipping for customers- This is such a huge perk!
  • The more you sell the higher percentage you get 20-40%- You always get 20% commission from your sales, but the more you sell, the higher commission you get.
  • Free products- You can set up your own party link and do all your personal purchases through it and share it with others to use to accumulate free products!
  • Monthly bonus of downline sales- If you want to build a team, you will receive monthly bonuses from their sales.Maskcara Compensation Plan


Incentives and Conferences

If you’re interested in incentives, then Maskcara definitely has you covered! You can work towards earning a free annual fully paid for trip with the top leaders of the company. I went to Mexico and it was a great experience! Maskcara also has an annual conference where we all gather to learn and train and connect with each other. It’s a great way to stay motivated and grow! Maskcara also has smaller incentives throughout the year that push you outside your comfort zone.

Maskcara is for All Kinds of Women!

Whether you are a mom, a working woman, someone that has no experience with makeup, a cosmetologist or esthetician, young or old…this business can be for you! Here are some women that share how they make this business work or them:


Working Woman

No Makeup Experience


Women of all Ages


It Can Change Your Life!

This is more than just makeup and more than just a business! This opportunity has the potential to change your life. For me personally, it has allowed me to connect with women and help change their lives! It is also allowing our family to save everything that I make for retirement. It’s such a great sense of security knowing I’m helping save for our future. You can see how this business has changed other women’s lives:

What this business has done for some of us HERE.

What this business will do for us in the future HERE.


Our Team

Our team focuses on individuality. We embrace our differences! We have women that are stay at home moms, travelers, working women, students, single, married, and everything in between. We have women that are young, middle aged, and more mature. We have women that like to run their business online, in person, or a bit of both. I work with each woman individually to set their goals and accomplish them. If you want to make this a little hobby, I fully support that! If you want to go big and work hard, I totally have your back! But the main thing is building a business around you and your strengths and talents and not just around the makeup. You are not one dimensional, and neither is your business! I believe we all have gifts that we are meant to share with others to lift them up and make a difference in their life. And Maskcara is a great avenue to do this…

Our team is called Team Illuminate because we believe in spreading light and goodness and illuminating women’s lives! We love to encourage, uplift, motivate, inspire, and brighten the lives of others. This business is just a small part of who we are and we get to help women look and feel beautiful!


And that’s it all in a nutshell! After reading through all the information, let me know what other questions you have! I’m all ears….


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Potential Maskcara Artist Questions