All About the Seint Compensation Plan

All About the Seint Compensation Plan

All About the Seint Compensation Plan


If you are interested in learning more about Seint, the awesome beauty company, then you’ve come to the right place! Seint is not only a business to purchase makeup and skincare products from, but it’s also an opportunity to build a business! You can become part of the Seint team when you join as a Seint Artist. If this is something you’re considering, then you need to know all about the Seint Compensation Plan and how it can enhance your life!


What is Seint?

Seint is a beauty company that focuses on helping women see their beauty. Makeup is not meant to cover up our beauty, but it’s meant to enhance our beauty! Seint has amazing quality makeup and skincare products that helps a woman look and feel beautiful. But this isn’t just any makeup. These are revolutionizing products that give shape and dimension to our faces. It offers a range of light coverage to full coverage application options.

Say goodbye to a flat faced makeup look and say hello to a IIID foundation that will chisel your face. Say goodbye to layers on your face and say hello to one simple layer. Say goodbye to digging through your makeup bag for the products you need and say hello to everything you need in one compact! Say goodbye to tons of time getting ready and say hello to getting ready in minutes! These products are life changing!

You can learn more about Seint and their mission HERE.


The Seint Opportunity

Not only are the products superb, but the business is amazing too! It can provide you with a connection to a sisterhood of women, a creative outlet, income, and fun experiences!

You can learn how to become a Seint Artist HERE and how to join our team HERE. We are always looking for women to share the journey with us!


Read the Seint Income Disclosure.


Seint Perks

Seint is a network marketing company that allows women to create business around their strengths and interests. You can choose to make this business a hobby, part-time, or full-time job. The options are endless! Here are some great perks to being a part of this company:

  • You do not need to hold inventory. Seint corporate takes care of all shipping and handling for you!
  • Seint corporate takes care of customer service, returns, and exchanges for you too!
  • You get paid 5 times a month- every Friday and also on the 10th of the month.
  • There is no sales minimum. You always earn 20% off your sales and have the potential to earn 40% off your sales.
  • It’s a low startup fee of either $199 or $399.
  • You can earn incentive trips.
  • You have a supportive leadership.
  • There is endless growth potential.
  • There is a friendly job culture.
  • It has a great compensation plan!

Seint Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

What is a compensation plan? A compensation plan is basically how you will get paid and how your salary can increase. The Seint compensation plan is one of the best around! Let’s break it down a bit….

There are 6 ways to be paid as a Seint Artist:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Artist-in-Training Bonus
  • Enroller Bonus
  • Level Bonus
  • Personal Leader Bonus
  • Generation Bonus

Refer to the charts below for more information:


Seint Compensation Plan

Seint Compensation Plan

Seint Compensation Plan

Conferences and Retreats

Each year, Seint hosts a conference for all their Artists. This is a great time to come together and connect with other likeminded women! There is training galore, activities, and team building opportunities to grow. It’s such a great community of uplifting Artists that learn from each other.

There are also retreats that top leaders gather for to learn how to continue to build their business. For those that want to make this a more serious career, it’s a great way to collaborate and come together to grow.


Incentive Trips

Each year, Seint offers incentive trips to earn. It causes you to push and work towards something to reward yourself with! I’ve personally earned 5 rewards trips and Seint truly spoils their Artists! All-inclusive resorts, fun activities, dinner parties, and gifts!

The awesome thing about this company is that you can make your business however you want. You can treat it like a little hobby and dabble here and there or you can create a full-time career…the options are endless! You can embrace your lifestyle and make it work for you and your interests.

That is the Seint compensation plan and business in a nutshell! But if you have questions, email me HERE so we can chat! Being a Seint Artist has been a huge blessing for me and my family. I’ve learned and grown so much as a person and love the feeling of being able to provide for my family and connect with women. This could be a great opportunity for you too!

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All About the Seint Compensation Plan