Soft Natural Makeup Look

Soft Natural Makeup Look Do you like to look put together but don’t like to wear a ton of makeup? Or do you ever have those days where you don’t want to wear as much makeup as you normally do? You’re not alone! You can have your cake and eat it too with this soft natural makeup look. You can look put together and get a natural and light look!  

What You Need for a Soft Natural Makeup Look

Before we get started on how to achieve a soft & natural makeup look, you need to have the right makeup products and tools to get it! Having the right products is key when doing your makeup! Whether you like your makeup light, medium, or full coverage, you still need the right products and tools to look great. Just like an artist needs good tools to create a masterpiece, you need good tools to apply your makeup and look and feel amazing! If you’re seeking for a simple makeup look, then you’ll want to tone down your colors. Reach for lighter and fresher and more natural shades. Stick with your normal foundation color, but instead of using a bold contour, use a lighter contour color. For your blush, go for a light pink flush that will just lightly enhance your natural cheek color. For your eyes, skip the fun eyeshadows and grab natural shades that enhance your eye and skin color. Not only do you need the right makeup colors but having the right brush will make all the difference! For a soft natural makeup look, you won’t want to use a brush that provides full coverage. You’ll want a brush that will give you a light application. The Blend Brush is perfect for the job!! It picks up the cream makeup and lightly distributes it onto your face and then blends like a dream! The Blush/Bronzer Brush also works really well and with this quick application technique, it’s super easy! Using a makeup sponge to blend is a great way to ensure a flawless and light finish! Soft Natural Makeup Look Soft Natural Makeup Look

How to Get a Soft Natural Makeup Look

Once you have the right makeup colors and tools, now it’s time to work your magic! The key is a light application. Less is more! Apply your foundation on the areas that you want to even out your skin tone. Then lightly add some contour along your cheekbones, forehead, jawline, and nose. Brush on a little blush to give your cheeks some color. Then swipe on a light eyeshadow color using the wash method or windshield wiper method. The key is lighter color and lighter touch to get a soft and natural makeup look! Tuck the bold colors and full coverage brushes away for this job. Think bright and airy. Soft and natural. Light and fresh.  

How to Pick Your Makeup Colors

If you’re unsure of what makeup colors will look good on you, then head over to the Seint Color Match Guide to see what would work best for your skin coloring. You can still look beautiful and put together when wearing less makeup! It just takes the right colors and technique to get the soft natural makeup look you want! Shop Seint Beauty Products Here Soft Natural Makeup Look *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item featured in this post, I get a small portion from the sale. Thank you! It does not affect you at all.