The Best 2 Weeks in Thailand

Oh boy! We had the best 2 weeks in Thailand! From the food to the beach to the weather to the sights…we loved it all! We spent 2 weeks north of Phuket in the Khao Lak area and we could have spent lots more time there!
I absolutely love Thai food…love it! So, I was really looking forward to eating Thai food in Thailand. And it did not disappoint! Eating out in Thailand is really inexpensive, so we ate out once a day. We could feed our family of 6 for $10-20 for 6 good sized yummy meals. I made it my quest to try to find the best Massaman in the area…and I did! We went back 3 times because it was oh so good! The Massaman, Panang, Green Curry, Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Yellow Noodles…all of it was so delish!
But other than the Massaman, our whole family fell in love with mangos on a whole new level! We bought mangos galore and ate them all day every day. We made smoothies, put them in our oatmeal, ate it with mango sticky rice, and cut it up fresh on the beach. Along with the mangos came a new level of love for coconut! Oh my. I drank my fair share of coconut milk while in Khao Lak. I ate it in our smoothies, in a bowl with bananas, drizzled on mango sticky rice, and anywhere when I could justify the flavor =)

The beaches in Thailand were ah-mazing! Think turquoise ocean, smooth sand, calm current, and warm water. We could have spent all day every day out on the beach…and we pretty much did! My husband and I rented chairs at the beach one day and took our laptops along with us to work as we watched the kids play in the sand and water. It was bliss.
We took sunset walks along the shore and ate at restaurants along the beach. While in Thailand, it was just reconfirmed to us that we are tropical people! We sure love being warm and being by the ocean. It’s what we need!

The weather was perfect in Thailand! It was hot enough to want to take a dip in the warm water, but not humid where you were drenched in sweat all day. I could sleep with just a top sheet and feel comfortable. It was so nice to walk around feeling that comfortable temperature of warmth. It was good for the soul!

We did more than just lounge at the beach and eat all day! Thailand is full of beautiful sights and things to see and do. Thailand is full of culture and beauty.
We spent the day on a long boat cruising across the waters of Lake Cheow Lan. We were surrounded by giant limestone cliffs jutting out of the water. It was gorgeous! We stopped for a swim and had fun playing in the warm lake water. I had my first experience with a true Thailand toilet at this lake. I had to squat on the traditional Thai toilet and use a bucket of water to flush….there’s always a first time for everything! =)
We toured a pretty Buddhist temple. The walls and ceilings were full of beautiful and colorful artwork. We could have stayed in there for hours just looking at the creative story-filled pictures! It was fun to see all the monks in their orange outfits busily working around the property. Their heads and eyebrows are shaved and they all have friendly smiles on their faces.
We also visited a sea turtle sanctuary and got to learn about the rescued sea turtles. They were the cutest little things! It was definitely a highlight seeing their little bodies float in the water. I loved watching my kids feed the turtles and love being near the cute creatures.
We had to drive 2 hours to get to church two different Sundays and it was well worth the drive. It was fun seeing the sights and it was even better getting to know the members of the small branch. They were so warm and welcoming…some of the friendliest church members we have met around the world!
I loved that there were swings everywhere in Thailand! They have rope swings dangling from branches all over the country. You can find them in the mountains or along the beach. It makes for the best pictures and perfect little place to sit and rest. It’s so charming!

Thailand far exceeded my expectations! I absolutely loved my time there and wish we could have been there longer! It was the best 2 weeks in Thailand! We can’t wait to go back to Cheng Mai and Bangkok and other amazing places in Thailand. Next time!
*All of my swimsuits are from Hapari. They are my absolute favorite! They are modest, well made, comfortable, and stylish.