The Best Contour Kit for Beginners

The Best Contour Kit for Beginners

The Best Contour Kit for Beginners

  Have you wanted to learn how to contour, but don’t know where to start?? The beauty industry and makeup brands over complicate things. Let’s keep it simple so you can learn how to contour like the pros! Here’s the best contour kit for beginners to get started…  

What is Contour?

First off, what is contour? Contour is makeup that is meant to add a shadow to your face. When you apply foundation all over your face, you get rid of your face’s natural shadows and shapes. Yes, your skin has an even skin tone after you apply foundation but it then it looks flat. It looks lifeless. So, contour helps you look alive! It brings back shape into your face. What is Contour?

What’s the Difference Between Contour and Bronzer

In the makeup world, brown is brown, right? Wrong! Brown contour is not the same as brown bronzer! What’s the difference? Contour is an ashy brown meant to add shadow and dimension to your face. Bronzer is a warm brown meant to add a sun-kissed glow to your face. For more of a breakdown, be sure to read the Contour and Bronzer Guide. Bronzer versus Contour

Step-by-Step How to Contour

Now that you know what contour is, how do you apply contour? Let me break it down for you so you can master the process. When contouring, you want to focus on 4 areas on your face: your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and nose. That’s it. Check out this Contour 101 tutorial to watch a step-by-step demonstrations so you can get the hang of it. The Magic of Contour    

The Best Contour Kit

A good contour kit consists of contour and a brush. Not all contour is created equal. A lot of contour shades are too warm and appear like bronzer. You want an ashy brown to recreate those shadows. And some contour is super thick or powdery or cakey. You don’t want any of that. You want to look as natural as possible. And that’s why the best contour kit is Seint’s cream contour. Cream contour applies and blends like a dream! It looks natural and gives you the shape and dimension you didn’t know you needed! How do you know what contour shade to choose? Depending on if you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone, choose the following:
  • Warm skin tone: Walnut, Olive, Stone
  • Cool skin tone: Aspen, Ash, Astoria
  • Neutral skin tone: Henna, Indigo, Cola
If you have light, medium, or dark skin, choose one of the following:
  • Light skin: Walnut, Olive, Ash, Henna
  • Medium skin: Ash, Henna, Olive, Astoria, Stone
  • Dark skin: Astoria, Indigo, Cola
  The Best Contour Kit for Beginners

What’s the Best Brush for Contouring?

There’s no point in having a great cream contour if you don’t have the right tool to apply and blend it! The absolute BEST contour brush is the Detail Brush. It comes with two sides, making it really easy to apply to small and large spots on your face and then blend well. Other great brush options for contouring are: the Buff Brush, the Blend Brush, or the IIID Brush. Seint IIID Foundation Contour I think contouring is the easiest and most impactful way to take your makeup look up a notch! It just adds 1-2 minutes to your makeup routine but brings so much life and youthfulness back to your face! Contouring is not just for the actresses, makeup artists, or models. Contouring is for the everyday woman, of any age, stage, color, or beginner. It’s for YOU!!   If you want help picking out your makeup colors, then fill out this makeup survey so I can help you look and feel your best! Free Color Match Shop Seint Beauty Products Here The Best Contour Kit for Beginners *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item featured in this post, I get a small portion from the sale. Thank you! It does not affect you at all.