The Best Maskcara Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time of year for gift giving!! And what better gift to give than the gift of Maskcara?! Why is Maskcara the perfect gift to give your girl this year?? Because it will make her look and feel beautiful! And the packaging is always swoon worthy! The products are top quality, easy to use, refillable, and compact. I’ve compiled the best Maskcara gifts for Christmas that the girl in your life will love! Whether it’s for yourself or for a sister, mother, aunt, grandma, friend…any girl….I guarantee she will love something on this list! All you have to do is click a button to add to your cart and it will be delivered to their home with free shipping. Win win.
Maskcara Gifts Under $20 (perfect for stocking stuffers!)
Bella Crème Bronzer ($14) – It can be hard choosing the perfect color for someone and that’s why this bronzer is the perfect gift….because it looks good on everyone! It adds warmth and color to your face to give you a nice sun kissed glow. She will love it!
Makeup Remover Wipes ($10.50) – These makeup remover wipes are so great at taking off your face at the end of the day to keep your beautiful face nice and clean!
Perfector Sponge ($13) – This tool may be tiny but it is mighty! It works hard to blend your face to perfection.
Restore Sanitizing Wipes ($10.50) – These wipes are so great for keeping your brushes and makeup clean while on the go!
Terra Quad Compact ($15) – This sandstone compact is oh so pretty and will make her happy whenever you opens it up to do her makeup.
Plum Lip & Cheek ($14) – This is the prettiest lip & cheek color that looks great on everyone!!
Eyeshadow Everything Brush ($18) – In order to get a good makeup application you need a good brush. And this eyeshadow brush works double time to give the perfect eye look.

Maskcara Gifts Under $35
Microfiber Cloths ($25) – Oh boy….she will LOVE this soft and fluffy microfiber cloths. She can use them with any skin care products to grab that makeup, oil, and dirt off of her face each night.
Know Your Angles Brow Brush ($22) – This is the perfect brush to get the perfect brows. She can use this with any eyeshadow, cream, or product to get the perfect look.
Restore Brush Cleaner ($28) – This is a must for any beauty girl! This bottle will last 6-12 months and will keep her makeup brushes sanitized and conditioned.
Multitasker Brush ($22) – This is a great tool for any gal! It multitasks and has many uses. From applying lip color, to lip lip-lining, to covering up blemishes, to apply eyeliner, to defining your brows. It works hard to make her look good!
Ascent Double Decker Compact ($29) – This pretty compact is perfect for the makeup lover and will hold all of her daily makeup needs.
Stay Setting Spray ($29) – This spray is great for getting her makeup to stay on all day long. She will love it!
Illuminator Collection ($34) – What girl doesn’t want to have a beautiful glow?? This illuminator collection will give her options to choose each day.

Maskcara Gifts Under $50
Bella Bundle ($40) – You know we love the Bella Crème Bronzer and this bundle comes with the brush! Yes!!
Single Layer Pro Palette ($40) – Is your gal a real makeup lover? Then she will need this pro palette to hold all of her basic makeup needs.
Milk Toner ($45) – Skin care is a top priority for a beauty girl and she will love this refreshing Milk toner!
Powder Bundle ($42) – This bundle is perfect for topping her makeup look off with the perfect setting powder and brush.
Milk Moisturizer ($50) – Once she tries this moisturizer, she will never want to go back! This is such a great healing, refreshing, and pampering product that she will love!
Cayman Bundle ($42) – Not a fan of crème bronzer? Then she will love this powder bronzer and brush!
Milk Cleanser ($45) – This Milk cleanser is oh so good at cleaning and beautifying your girl’s face.

Maskcara Gifts Under $150
Clutch Compact/Wallet ($115) – We love using things in more than one way! And this clutch doubles as a compact and a wallet! And it’s pretty too! She will loooove it!
Lip & Cheek Collection ($78) – Not sure what lip & cheek color to get your girl? Then this is the perfect collection to gift to let her choose her favorite!
Triple Decker Pro Palette ($87.50) – Ok….is your girl really really into makeup?? Then she will absolutely love this triple decker compact. It will hold all of her colors and more!!
Tres Leches Skin Care System ($150) – If you really want to pamper your girl, then look no further! This skin care system will leave her face smoother, cleaner, and prettier with its hard-working ingredients. And it comes with a set of 3 microfiber cloths for free! Score!
Double Decker Pro Palette ($62.50) – This double decker compact will hold lots of her makeup needs and wants =)

Maskcara Holiday Bundles
Maskcara has put together special holiday bundles that are perfect for gifting. Not only are they bundled just for Christmas, they are for a fraction of the price! These deals save $8-$25! Oh I love a good deal! Why not stock up on these deals for other occasions?? Any of these are great for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, just because…stock up now while supplies last.

What woman doesn’t want to have beautiful skin?? Give the gift of skin care with the Tres Leches Skin Care System. Once you try it, you will never want to return to your normal skin care routine. The Milk cleasner, Milk moisturizer, and Milk toner are top quality and will leave your skin feeling oh so good. But now, with the skin care system you get 3 (3!!) microfiber cloths for free!! That is a value of $25! Wowza. What a deal! This would make the perfect gift for the girl in your life. She will love it!

Ever Red Bundle ($40) –

This is the perfect bundle for your girl! With the Ever Red Bundle, you get the B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush and the limited edition Ever Red Lip & Cheek color. It’s the perfect red for dressing up any look this winter! Your gal will look and feel hot!

It can be hard buying beauty products for other women because you’re not sure what color their skin is and what would look great on them. Have no fear this year. Maskcara has bundled the most perfect Lip & Cheek colors that will complement any woman! The Red Velvet Bundle includes perfect shades of red that will have your girl looking her best: Scarlet, Sandstone, Ever Red, and Ruby. It’s a great bundle to add some pop to your makeup routine.

This bundle is just that. You will fall in love with these lip & cheek colors: Plum, Black Cherry, and Ever Red with Indigo contour to line those lips or contour those cheeks. You will fall madly in love with this collection.

Meet the perfect pink palette! These pretty colors will make any girl feel just that….pretty! These pinks are great for everyday wear and for adding some pretty color to those cheeks and lips. Hollywood, Pink Grapefruit, Petal, and Dahlia are gorgeous colors that she will love!

Not a fan of much color? Don’t worry…we have the perfect solution! This bundle includes great neutral shades that will give you a beautiful yet not over the top look. Perfect for an everyday look, to give you pretty but a I’m-not-trying-too-hard-to-look-good kinda look. You will love Bare, Nude, Plum, and Rose Gold…they’ll become your new best friends.

This bundle is the best kind of palette that will give you the best kind of glow! Pearl, Honey, Rose Gold, and Glow will give your face the perfect shimmer and femininity.

Now there’s no excuse for you not to know what to get the girl in your life! These are great options at different price points that she will love! If you’re eyeing something for yourself, send this on over to your honey and give a little hint hint.